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Other than course work, extracurricular activities also play a vital role in academic achievements. According to sociologists, there is a positive connection between extracurricular activities and academic achievement, social success and self-esteem. Extracurricular activities have many positive impacts; they provide an ample opportunity through which students develop new skills and explore new areas of interest. In addition, extracurricular activities help me to learn other areas of interests and talents other than class work. Extracurricular activities such as playing piano, playing tennis as well as participating in health and pharmacy club at school are my main passion.

However, I spend most of my leisure time in pharmacy and health clubs at school because the main reason that motivated me to pursue pharmacy is to find solution to chronicle diseases such as cancer. This will help me meet health needs of many people in the society especially those who cannot afford quality treatment for such diseases because of their limited resources. More specifically, the suffering that my father experiences due to cancer motivated me to study pharmacy with the aim of addressing his health needs. This is because cancer has not only affected my father’s health, but it has also affected the standards of living in our family since my father is not as productive as he was before contracting cancer. In my pharmacy course, I intend to put more effort on the study of cancer in order to find the most efficient and cost effective treatment of cancer since the current treatment for cancer is very expensive, and people with limited resources cannot afford. This will help many people suffering from cancer access quality treatment at realistic costs.

Throughout my academic life, my strength has always been my ability to interact with other people for instance, students and teachers. This has significantly contributed to my academic success. Strength is that, am able to work under pressure and with minimum supervision in accomplishing tasks with strict deadlines. This has enabled me to complete my assignments and projects on time, thus enhancing my relationship with teachers.

Conversely, my weakness is that, I dedicate most of my time on the assigned tasks to a point of even forgetting about my personal life, for instance am always eager to undertake many projects concurrently and I cannot rest before achieving my target. However, I try to manage my time appropriately and prioritize my tasks by starting with the most urgent. Although this is a personal weakness, it has majorly contributed to my overall academic success.

In the field of Pharmacy, the person whom I admire most is Melvin Baron PharmD, MPA. Melvin Baron is my role model because he is dedicated, a leader, visionary and a motivator. In 2008, he was nominated as a pharmacist of the year due to his contribution in expanding his pharmacist expertise to healthcare centers that serve patients with limited resources. His, efforts to spread his expertise to patients with limited resources encourage me to become a pharmacist because my vision has always been to help people with special health needs in the society. This will help me to serve patients suffering from chronicle diseases like my father who have cancer.

In addition, his endeavor in promoting dedication to the pharmacy profession through involvement in various professional associations has motivated me to join pharmacy groups, and obtain membership with pharmacy research organizations in the course of my studies. This will enable me gain abundant skills and perfect credentials that will not only make me competitive in the labor market, but it will also help me to serve people with diverse health needs more effectively. For instance, through such involvements I will gain knowledge on the most effective and efficient ways to treat cancer; thus, solving my father’s problem.

Currently, obesity has become one of the most common social problems facing American society. Despite the implementation of effective mechanisms to curb this problem, cases of Americans suffering from obesity are still rampant with the rich people being the main victims of obesity. In order to address this health issue, there is a need for the American health systems carryout awareness programs aimed at creating awareness about diets. This is because obesity is mainly caused by consumption of poor diets. Moreover, comprehensive research should be conducted so as to identify the most effective approaches of preventing obesity, such as research on nutrition, as well as conducting research on the most appropriate medication to treat obesity faster and with fewer implications. As a pharmacy student, this is one of the areas am willing to research on after completing my studies since it has turned to be a serious health concern to many Americans.

Besides becoming a pharmacist, it has always been my dream to be a researcher; this is because for one to be a competent pharmacist he/she must be able to conduct many researches. In addition, being a proficient pharmacist and researcher will substantially help me in searching for the most effective and efficient ways of treating complex diseases like cancer. In order to attain this task, I will work hard in mastering of pharmacy concepts; I will achieve this by attaining a Doctorate degree in pharmacy. Also, I will join reputable pharmacy research organizations so as to enhance my knowledge on new pharmaceutical approaches to new medical challenges.

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