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Starting from the earliest years of their existence, people have always been interested in how they appeared and where they come from. The Real Eve: Modern man’s Journey out of Africa introduces a striking theory about human origin — we all come from Africa. With the help of genetic tracking scientists were able to discover that it took people only 7000 to leave Africa and make settlements in every corner of the Earth.

Section #1. In my opinion, the first main point of the documentary is that all people on our planet, regardless of their race, ethnicity, skin color or geographical position, come from Africa. The second idea is that people living 150,000 years ago were modern humans, and they had the same brain we have nowadays. The third idea is that there was only one migration from Africa at that time — people crossed the Red Sea and moved to Asia, which is contrary to the theory that they were travelling along Nile and to Levant.

Section #2. As to the first point, I think it sounds quite plausible and all the scientists in the film provide good reasoning to prove their ideas. It is a well-known fact that human genes contain all the information needed to learn everything about people and it only takes time to uncover that data. Having analyzed mitochondrial DNA (a unique DNA of mitochondrial cells inherited from mothers), scientists managed to trace back human earliest ancestor who happened to be an African woman. Sure, it is hard to believe that the huge number of people inhabiting the planet nowadays used to be a small group living on a tiny territory. Moreover, it is yet to be understood how human beings appeared on the Earth on the first place. Still, the scientists have already answered a number of questions about human origin. For instance, many people doubt that we all have the common ancestor, because of drastic differences in appearance: skin color, the shape of the eyes, etc. However, it has been proved that the color of the skin varies according to the amount of melanin in our bodies. Generally, human bodies are so different because of the adaptation to climates. Apart from genetic tracking, there is also new knowledge about geographical conditions and climate changes all of which indicates that Eve really existed.

Another idea presented in the documentary was that people living in Africa at that time were the same as we are now, and that the brain which was using stones as tools is nowadays capable of taking shuttles into space. I also agree with this point, because at that time, the conditions of living were extremely severe. To survive, people needed food which came predominantly from hunting. Hunting is not as simple as it seems, for it requires cooperation, strategic thinking and good communication skills. In addition, due to unfavorable climate conditions, people had to move, and apart from understanding where exactly they should move, they had to think how they would cross huge deserts and the sea and stay alive. Next, Scientists claim that people first migrate into what is nowadays called Europe around 50,000 years ago. There was also a theory that they moved from Africa directly to Europe and not to Asia and then to Europe as stated in the film. However, the analysis of DNA indicates that the Europeans are from the same family that the people who migrated to Asia are and, providing that this is true, all the European history has to be reconsidered.

Section #3. The theory of “Real Eve” is of unparalleled importance to sociologists, because it means that social organization, psychology, social ecology and many other factors should be studied from different angles. First of all, this data is a powerful mechanism in dealing with ethnical differences, discrimination and racism and learning the ways of their elimination, because if we all come from one family, the differences in our appearance are only predetermined by the area we live in. Secondly, this discovery could explain why people started to settle down in different parts of the world and how and why they were doing it. It means that people are not only closely connected to their past, but also to each other, for they all share common ancestors. Moreover, since the people migrating from Africa were actually modern people, we would have to look at human evolution differently. Next, one also has to reconsider the way we organized into groups and separated, made settlements, study social organization and many other factors which could probably finally help us understand where we all come from.

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