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Writing a Grant Application: How to Make It Convincing?

A piece of writing produced with the purpose of getting the necessary financing for a specific business or research project, equipment repair, etc. is called a grant application. It is also known as a grant proposal. Your grant application has to be written well stating that your plan or project is superior to others presented by applicants participating in the competition for the same grant. Thus, the statements you make in your paper have to be formed well. In addition, your grant application has to be structured coherently. In this case, readers will see that you are able to express your thoughts clearly and cogently.

Note that there are some cases when it is required to fill in a certain form when dealing with a grant application. If you are not demanded to complete any specific form, you may create your paper as you find it appropriate. Nevertheless, you still need to produce your grant proposal in formal language no matter its format.

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Directions for Creating a Grant Proposal

  1. Check whether the competition is intense in your research area. Ensure that your grant proposal is exclusive.
  2. Find out information about the program you are going to follow and its creators. You should be aware of the purpose of establishing a specific grant program.
  3. Identify the type of projects the board is searching for. In case, there are no clear specifications for the submitted projects, you need to determine what kind of proposals received grants. Thus, you will know what to expect.
  4. Establish the key aim of your proposal.
  5. Illustrate the importance of your project. Explain how the society can benefit from it. Clearly describe the advantages your idea will bring after being applied.
  6. Analyze your project thoroughly to identify its possible drawbacks. For this purpose, you may use such methods as SNW, SWOT, etc. Note that these methods can be also adopted to preparing your business plan.
  7. Provide a short description about yourself. Remember it is essential to present yourself as the most promising applicant. Even if you present not your personal grant application but that created for a specific company, the board wants to know more about you - the person presenting the project.
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Main Items to Pay Attention to

  • Write down the points you are going to discuss in your proposal. Do not forget to state the reason for submitting your grant application. Determine the issues your project is focused on. You may indicate the sum of money required for implementing your ideas. At the same, do not forget to explain why a specific sum is considered suitable. Provide information about the projects you have already carried out. Bear in mind that your task is to provide the committee with the facts about yourself that refer directly to your project. Thus, you will capture their attention and highlight your strong points.
  • Evaluate your ideas properly to know for sure how much time and resources are needed to put them into practice. However, you should not concentrate only on the content of your grant proposal. The advantages gained as a result of your project completion should be mentioned as well.
  • In case you are a representative of a particular company, you need to give concrete facts about it, i.e. its activity, services it provides, etc. Tell the board how you have started working for the organization you are presenting. Remember to state how your job helps you meet your objectives. Mind that it is very important to demonstrate that you are interested in the company’s growth. Show that you are committed to your job.
  • Describe your company before your plan has been worked out and shape its future after launching the project. Make a brief summary by outlining the benefits of developing your concepts. Before creating your grant proposal, you need to be fully aware of all details of the project you are going to present.
  • State your intentions clearly. It is essential to establish realistic goals that can be attained within a certain period of time.

If your grant proposal meets the specifications described above, you will have a great chance to win a grant.

When creating your grant application, you should:

  • Be specific and do not exceed the set word count. Show the board that you are able to fulfill the imposed requirements.
  • Support each claim with strong arguments. The provided statements have to represent the chief point of your paper and demonstrate the effect of implementing your ideas.
  • Research your area properly to provide the committee with accurate data about your project. Explain how you will allocate the received financial resources.
  • Gather enough information about the surroundings you are going to introduce your project into. You need to show a full understanding of the fact that your ideas may be opposed first. In this way, you will receive additional points.

The things you should not do when writing your grant application are mentioned below:

  • Do not highlight only the benefits of your project. Describe the drawbacks your business plan, for example, may have. Present the difficulties one may encounter when implementing your strategies. Thus, the board will see you have made a detailed analysis of your project.
  • Do not set unattainable goals. You need to formulate the objectives that can be achieved.
  • Do not ignore the necessity of showing the influence of your project. It is important to state what results you expect to obtain by putting your ideas into action. You should understand that the board wants to know whether the offered plan will be of great use to the society.

Typical Errors

  • Presenting ordinary ideas. Note that only innovative grants can attract committee’s attention. If you have not examined the projects submitted previously, you may fail the competition.
  • Making impractical suggestions that lack concentration on the main point of the project. Analyze your ideas and discuss the one you find rational and reasonable. The concepts you are going to develop should be directly connected with your project and the area you are going to introduce them into.
  • Creating an improper structure. A lot of applicants fail to organize their grant applications appropriately. One should keep in mind that it is essential to satisfy the requirements imposed by the program you are going to follow. However, if no detailed guidelines are provided, you may create your own outline. You need to begin your grant proposal with an introductory paragraph which should consist of a few sentences. It should describe the key points of your project. Present the goals you strive to achieve. Lastly, you need to identify the factors that may change the direction of your project.

As you see, this entry contains useful hints on writing an excellent grant application. If you follow them, you will be able to create an impressive work clearly stating your purpose.

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