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Although each school, college or university is an individual entity that has own policy and unique programs, all of these institutions share a range of features and approaches that every student will be influenced by and have to deal with. A coursework essay is one of such things. It is a type of paper that you will be obliged to write at least once over the course of your academic life. Such popularity of this assignment stems from its ability to check whether a student learned something during the classes and digested the new information well enough to use it in practice. In other words, coursework is an overall evaluation called to verify the success of the course and the student taking it. Surely, such a broad objective implies that the assignment will be long and time-consuming, which is totally true. In fact, students usually have a whole semester to complete the coursework.

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Why Is Coursework Important?

This type of academic paper is considered extremely important and cherished by professors because it is very helpful when it comes to the cultivation of different skills. First, such assignments develop the creative thinking and independence of a student since extensive research is to be conducted without or with limited supervision on the professor’s side. Second, it allows critical thinking skills to progress. You must look for relevant sources by critically evaluating them and then process a huge amount of information in search of some valuable quotes and experts’ ideas. Third, coursework is directly connected with practice, so you learn to apply the studies theories and use a variety of techniques in practice. Finally, this task enables students to work on their own writing skills and an ability to express ideas concisely and clearly. So, after having handled a couple of coursework, smaller written assignments will definitely seem a piece of cake.

How to Write a Coursework Essay?

In order to complete coursework, you will need to select a topic that is related to your course and preferably is in line with your interest. However, it is not enough to write just something about the chosen topic. As a rule, there are specific instructions that a student should follow precisely in order to get a satisfying grade. Professors provide details about what content is expected, what sources should be used if any, how they should be analyzed, what sections should the text have, what formatting style should be adhered to, etc. Obviously, you will have to keep all that in mind and take into consideration when composing an outline, draft, and eventually the final paper. In case you have any troubles with writing the essay, be sure that your professor will not leave you alone to deal with them. He/she will be glad to provide a piece of advice, useful tips, recommendations, and feedback should you ask.

The requirements for coursework are usually complicated and intricate. For this reason, it is a rather difficult task to write this paper for a student who lacks experience and knowledge of all the existing writing techniques. Besides, the amount of material to process to be able at least start writing is immense. Of course, you can check coursework samples available online, but it will not solve your problem, especially because of the lack of time due to, for example, a full-time or part-time job, a necessity to babysit a sister, or just being ill. In such situations, coursework writing service is what might prove extremely helpful. Professional writers can assist with any writing assignment that you have at hand. Besides, if you are looking for reliable coursework online help with no unreasonable prices but with experienced writers, who can meet all the requirements, you have already found one. Just write us, “Write my coursework please!” and we will do our best.

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Coursework Sample (Edinburgh Tram System Project)


The Edinburgh Tram System project is credited for bringing back trams in the streets of Edinburgh. It was the first time that the streets got the Trams in almost 50 years. It is worth noting that the project took more than the allocated time for completion due to several delays. In addition, the scheme upon completion had used nearly double the budgeted amount (Boateng et al, 2012). As the project rumbled on, several readjustments had to be made on the initial project’s plan. Initially, the planners had the idea that there would be other lines connected to the tram network, but with the readjustments made, it is now a part of the original lines. The planners had intended the network to reach the Newhaven and Leith’s waterfront.

Description of the Project

The tram network was meant to decongest the city streets. The saga that rocked the construction of the tram network goes back to September 2003. Back then, it had been earmarked by Scottish executives that the project would cost around 375 million pounds, and that it would start operating by 2009 (Brocklehurst 2014). The main idea behind the project was that the network would link the city streets to the Edinburgh and Leith airports, something that five years down the line was not possible. Even though the streets of Edinburgh have trams, it is one routed, a diversion from what was initially envisaged.

On completion of the project, people wonder how it became completed considering all the disputes that arose along the way. The tram network is a 14km route stretching from Edinburgh airport to York Place, located in the city center. One of the disputes that arose on the project was the huge amount of money that it would take upon completion. Initially, the project was thought to cost 375 million pounds, but the costs soared up to 776 million pounds plus an interest of 200 million pounds for the loan that the council took to fund the project (Brocklehurst 2014 ).

Description of the Project Management

One of the hurdles that the project faced was SNP’s scrapping it after Nationalists had formed the first ever minority government in the country. It is through the decision of the other parties in the Scottish parliament to overturn the Nationalist’s idea that the project survived. The other issue that had made the project to stall was the bitter dispute that existed between the project’s main contractor and arms-length company tasked with bringing trams to the city. This dispute halted the project for almost 4 months. The main contractor (Bilfinger Berger) was described by the then chairman of the Transport Edinburgh, David Mackay, as a “delinquent company that smelled a victim (Whitelegg, 2014).” Mackay went on to label the whole project “hell on wheels”. Contractual restrictions made the German construction giant remain silent on facts about the dispute.

TIE’s handling of the whole project evoked varying emotions among the concerned stakeholders with Bilfinger Berger feeling frustrated by how the whole project was handled. During the construction of the tram network, the contractors caused more congestion in the streets by digging up vital roads on Leith and Edinburgh city center (Whitelegg 2014). The traffic congestion in the city caused inconveniences that culminated into financial losses to businesses. People started becoming skeptical about the idea as it caused more harm than they had anticipated. Edinburgh streets had been turned into what looked like building sites. Locals often suggest that the city has Britain’s best bus services and thus there was no need for the city council to come up with the new transport system…

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