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If you are questioning yourself, «What is a review article?», this information will definitely come in handy for you. An article review is a piece of academic writing, where students have to summarize and evaluate the assigned paper, as well as provide personal analysis of it. To tackle the following task successfully, students need to have both excellent writing and critical thinking skills. When you are working on a review of an article, you have to identify the main theme of the work, formulate arguments that you will also support with ample evidence, and also mention possible implications for the research. Before you start writing a review of an article accordingly, you have to read the assigned reading carefully and attentively, jot down the main points, and then come up with your own vision and perspective on the reading.

What Is an Article Review

When you have to complete this assignment, you need to clarify with your professor whether you need to provide literature or critical review. The former relates to a critical overview of different scientific sources required for conducting one’s own research or writing a research paper or a dissertation. The latter can be done on any piece of literary work — book, story, novel whatsoever. When you write an article review, you need to sum up and analyze the author’s work and then write your own evaluation of the topic itself.

Types of Reviews: What Is a Review Article

Article review writing deals with summarizing the present state of apprehension of a topic. In fact, working on such a task involves surveying and summarizing studies that were published previously rather than highlighting a new analysis or facts. This type of assignment is sometimes also called a survey article.

The review article introduces:

  • the most important figures who are working in the field;

  • the latest major discoveries and advances;

  • the current debates;

  • ideas with regard to where research could go further.

Journal Article Review

It is about evaluating strengths and weaknesses of the paper under study. A skilled writer has to provide readers with interpretation and analysis that can demonstrate the article’s value.

Research Article Review

It is important to mention that a research article review is different from a journal article review. The former has to do with evaluating the research method that was used and holding those pieces of information in retrospect to critique and analysis.

Scientific Review Paper

This type relates to any topic or research within the realm of science. Normally, scientific reviews relate to the analysis of theoretical information that could be used for some practical research and comprehensive investigation of a specific topic in the future.

Formatting a Review Article

Ensure that the format of your paper adheres to the citation style that your professor requires. If you are unsure of the preferred format, you’d better ask your professor and seek clarification on this issue.

How to Use the APA Format

It is a well-known fact that articles usually appear in newspapers, academic journals, and on various websites. Completing the work in APA format means that you will have to write relevant bibliographical entries for all the necessary sources you use. In the following paragraphs, you will get to know how to do it:

Journal Article: The last name of the author, A. A. (first and middle initial), (Year of Publication). The title of the article. Periodical title, Volume (Issue), pp.-pp.

Web Article: The last name of the author, A. A. (first and middle initial). (Year, Month and Date of Publication). The title of the article. Retrieved from

How to Use the MLA Format

Journal Article: The last name of the author, The first one M. “The Title of the Article.” Journal Title Series Volume (Year Published): The necessary page(s). The Name of the Database. Web. Date Month and Year Accessed.

Web Article: The last name of the author, First and middle initial. “The Title of the Article.” The Title of the Website. Website Publisher, Date Month and Year Published. Web. Date Month and Year Accessed.

Article Review Formatting Requirements

  • Cover page

  • Title of the review

  • Student’s name

  • Date of submission

  • Abstract page: it ranges from 150 to 300 words in length. According to the requirements, the abstract is to contain a summary of the review, focusing on its main question and ideas. Also, the underlying conclusions are also to be highlighted. There is no need to cite references in the abstract. 

  • Introductory section: introduce the topic of the review, provide some background information on it, and clarify why the subject is worth discussion and how the work highlights it. Ensure the main ideas that you are going to analyze in the paper are chronologically mentioned. 

  • The main body: discuss and analyze separate ideas in the body paragraphs. 

  • Conclusion: reiterate the main ideas, emphasize the purpose of the assigned paper, and state your rationale. 

  • A reference list: use the assigned citation and formatting style to organize sources keeping to the required standards.

Advantages of Looking at an Article Review Example

It is essential to study the available review samples since this approach can help students better understand what this paper looks like and how to organize it. When you take a look at a specific sample, it will help you:

  • gather ideas within your research field;

  • get to know topical issues and topics within the realm of your studies;

  • find out what discoveries and advancements are prevailing in your subject area;

  • identify gaps within the given field of research;

  • learn some new facts and information about a specific subject area. 

As any other type of academic writing assignment, an article review can be composed with the help of experienced article review writers.

How to Write an Article Review?

If you need to complete an article review for the first time, you can find this experience rather challenging. So, it is recommendable to devote some time to the process of planning the research. Take a look at the following guidelines that may help you manage your task without any problems.

Pre-Writing Process

Bear in mind that proper organization is to be of great importance when it comes to dealing with article review writing. Before you make up your mind to embark on your writing process, it could be one of the best ideas to think about outlining your assignment or using a similar article review as a template for organizing your thoughts in a logical way.

Begin with an introductory paragraph that highlights the topic and the main ideas of the article as well as the thesis statement.

After that, create a summary that includes the main points of the work under analysis.

Proceed with highlighting the facts and positive points presented in the paper.

Also, you need to identify gaps, disparities, and contradictions in the text so that you can provide its critique.

Preparation of Article Analysis and Evaluation

It is no secret that, in order to write a successful review, it is significant for students to be prepared for this and go through the prewriting stage. This writing process will go faster if you get ready in advance.

This is a useful summary of the main points:

  • defining the audience of your potential readers

  • presenting goals of your chosen work

  • writing down the background information to the article

  • providing a good reason regarding why you have chosen a specific document

  • making an analysis of previous research studies

Structure the Article Review

It is worth mentioning that students ought to organize this paper in an appropriate way. Actually, they have to consider writing a few separate parts.

Bear in mind to devise the hook! This is an eye-catching sentence made of a life story, an interesting fact, famous quotes, jokes, etc.

Write a catchy introduction. The key to this is a powerful thesis.

Do not forget about using transition words that can be helpful for you in making the entire paper logically written.

There is no doubt that every article critique requires a special section where the results are mentioned. This part may be a Discussion or Findings. This part has to do with summarizing the information together with the essence of what you realize is important.

Keep in mind that writing an outline is the thing you need to focus on.

Checklist for Article Review Writing Assignments

Complete the following checklist before submitting your task:

Checklist for Article Review Writing

Hopefully, this guide will be helpful to you in composing the most effective article review. Remember that if you are not confident about managing to write an article review assignment on your own, you are welcome to contact EssaysWriters.com professional writers for help. Excellent academic guidance is our key priority.

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