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The term Bilbao effect describes how fast architecture can change an entire city and in the course transform that city into a cultural metropolis. Great architectural designs ought to be the centrepiece of the major urban space. Irrespective of how they might be classified, buildings define the cities in which they are build in. it thus doe s not matter whether the building is governmental, religious, commercial or religious (Travel News Distribution, 2008). The main origin of this phrase is iconic Bilbao building in Spain which introduced a new era in city planning and design. The strategy is set to revitalize cities and transform them into yet bigger metropolis.

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One of the icons that embraced Bilbao effect was Archigram. This was an architectural group that was formed in the 1960s. The group drew inspiration from technology with the aim of creating a new reality which was entirely expressed by hypothetical projects (Travel News Distribution, 2008). Rafael Monao on the other explains the impact of Bilbao and not only in any other nation, but also at home. Most notably, the building is one of the most recognized in any country. It typically shows the museum “museum effect”. This is an operation whereby all the objects that are produced with “visible craft” and intended for “attentive looking” automatically becomes art. Zumthor is yet another renowned architecture whose works won him the 2009 Prtzker Prize. His works do represent a real defiance of the Bilbao effect. In his argument, Zumthor states that his architecture ethics are aimed at building monumentally for mass of categories. This means that one can only respect someone who ignores the press, avoiding his or her works to be publicised.

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