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Most of us cannot do without breakfast; it is like a routine something we do every morning. Traditionally, breakfast forms the first meal of a new day after the end of fasting spanning from previous day’s last meal. Breakfast meals differ from one community to another around the world and it mostly constitutes a protein, vegetable and/or a fruit, carbohydrate, occasionally dairy, and/or beverage. Eating wholesome breakfast dishes is the most excellent way to get your day started.

Importance of breakfast

Breakfast is an important meal of the day and, based on studies, people who pass over breakfast are prone to problems with concentration, metabolism and weight. A healthy breakfast is necessary. It should be a balanced diet. Generally, it should be moderate in protein, rich in cereals and low in fat. Small amounts of fiber are also recommended. Ignoring breakfast lead to drowsiness and reduced reaction rates (Sehlinger & Ridge, 30). Studies suggest that, children who take breakfast regularly tend to be active and alert. They also have a commendable concentration spun and better physical and academic performances

Cereals and Meats

There are various types of food that can be consumed for breakfast. The first type of food taken for breakfast is cereals. Cereals are mostly take cold alongside soya mild or dairy poured on top of the cereals. Cereals are rich in proteins and fibre which combine to yield numerous health benefits. There is a wide range and variety of cereals from which one can choose. They include oat meal, cream of rice and cream of wheat. Second, meats too form an important dish for breakfast. Meats are in most cases cocked and served hot. The most common meats taken for breakfast include stake, bacon and pork. However, all kind of meet can be taken for breakfast (Diet Health Club).

Fruits and Parfaits

Fruits and parfaits are yet another significant breakfast food. These are incorporated in a number of continental breakfasts since they are convenient and essay to prepare. Fruits can be served, cold or hot, whole or sliced, or as a mixture with other breakfast meals. On the other hand Parfaits are fruit blends made by mixing diced fruit with differing food toppings. Such toping many vary from yoghurt to whipped cream (Diet Health Club).


Another perfect food for breakfast is eggs. Eggs are very nutritious. For breakfast, eggs are served hot. They can be fried, boiled, poached, scrambled, or made into omelets. Pancakes and Waffles are also common breakfast meals. Pancakes are fried on a frying pan or griddles with pancake batter. The cakes are normally fired on both sides while waffles are prepared in a special waffle iron which has a cross-patterned design of serrations. Both pancakes and waffles are normally topped with maple syrup and /or butter (Diet Health Club).

Breads and Pastries

Finally, breads and pastries form another category of foods that can be consumed for breakfast. These are general breakfast staples that are available in a wide range of selection. These range from rolls, oats, biscuit and bagels to croissants and sweet Danishes. Bread and pastries can be served hot or cold and with a choice of condiment toppings such as cream cheese, butter and jam. (Diet Health Club).

Quick solutions for breakfast

As Stallings & Taylor (24) notes many people do not get time to prepare or eat breakfast; mainly because they are on the go from the time they wake up. Some end up taking foods that are not nutritious just to fill their stomachs. This however, should not be the case, some of the breakfast meals can prepared easily and quickly. These include eggs which are essay to prepare and are nutritious, the can be eaten with toasts; grapes fruits which are healthier and with no calories and can be sprinkled with a little sugar; whole wheat sandwiches stuffed with lean meat cold cuts and fat cheese, whole wheat toast, and fresh salads diced and mixed together.


Breakfast is very important. It should never be ignore since it give one a head start for the day. Foods that can be consumed such as meats, fruits, cereals, pastries and bread, pancake and eggs must be prepared properly and diet balancing should be observed. Quick breakfast solutions also do exist and therefore, it is unnecessary to eat junk food just to fill up ones stomach. Breakfast must be nutritious just like any other major meal.

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