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The author of the article concentrates on the new device for extracting water from air, named DewPointe DH9 Atmospheric Water Purification System. The principle this system works on is very simple, as it is based on capturing the moisture from the air and converting it in the purified drinking water.

The DH9’s advantage is in extracting water from the air, so it is absolutely pure, unlike getting the water from the ground. All the contaminants are destroyed in the process of the water purification. An air filter works based on the principle of aerostatics, removing dust, pollen, while the uV light destroys all the bacteria and any other harmful organisms. It also has a coconut hull filter to get rid of the metals or mineral salts, with the reverse osmosis filter cleaning up anything else remaining. While no water is lost during the process of filtration, the quantity of the collected water is enough in case of the water shortage in a short-time period.

The DH9 has the size analogical to the conventional water coolers, but its main advantage is collecting water in dry areas, without central water supply system. It may serve as a water heater and also requires no additional efforts while maintaining it, since everything is done by the microprocessor.

Main drawback of DH9 is its high cost compared to the traditional water cooler, as it is 5 to 10 times higher. DH9 still beats its competitors since it does not require the municipal water supply. Moreover, it can be used in any areas with lacking basic services. The DH9 might become a breakthrough technology, as it allows fixing the problem of water purification or water supply in the developing countries with the imperfect infrastructure or in the areas with existing deficit of water. DH9 depends on the air humidity level directly, and it can produce sufficient amounts of fresh water in the humid areas, while the amount in the deserts will be way higher. DH9 can become a solution in the areas with polluted soils, or lacking the water supply in general.

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