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Valentine Day and Gender


This is an article found on the website of the slate group of companies that deal with the analysis of most of the festive seasons in the calendar. The article emphasizes that Valentine’s Day is not only meant for couples to show their love, but also to accommodate the individuals with lots of love to each other, especially those of singles and even feminists.

It claims that some individuals are indeed considered very unlucky, because they lack their second half on this very day, but all in all these individuals should also be considered as having someone special in their lifetime. It is a socially acceptable day for couples to accept their vows in one way or another.


I do not consider that Valentine’s Day is only meant for couples, but I feel it should incorporate all individuals from all walks of life in order to achieve the true meaning of this day. I believe that most individuals have been indeed given misleading information about this day.

It is a day meant for someone you truly adore in your life and, therefore, I believe anyone should try and understand the importance of this day. One must be in a position to find at least one individual in the whole world whom he or she truly adores. This could be your mum or any other person who is closely related to you.

The USA’s Shifting Attitudes towards Gay Men and Lesbians from the US Magazine Today on December 5th 2012.


This is a publication in the United States of America that handles matters of social nature in parts of their coverage in the entire country. It claims that there have been some dramatic changes in the shift towards gay men and lesbians in the USA. This is even aggravated by the recent legalization and recognition of gays by the ruling president Obama on this volatile issue. The law has allowed them to marry.

This phenomenon was collected by a countrywide survey, or poll, carried out in the United States of America in order to try and gauge how much this practice has greatly infiltrated through the systems of the whole of the USA. According to this survey, 54 percent had predicted that the country will be plunged into this menace at some time and indeed this surely took place as predicted.


The Government was really right regarding matters that pertain to the acceptance of gay marriages in the country as this never violated any law of the land. I believe, different religions should protect their own way of viewing some issues in the society rather than fighting each other as to which religion is indeed superior to the other, as this amounts to total impunity in the eyes of such individuals.

More than a third of Americans believe that this is not indeed a vice in the society, but it is a way of letting the old tradition go away and then welcome a new way of life of several individuals in the society. Gays should be left to exercise their rights in the society. After all, a change from the traditional norms acts like a rest to most of the oppressed.

Parental Influence on Children’s Socialization to Gender Roles, “Adolescence”


This is an article written by Susan D. Witt, PhD of the University of Akron School of Home Economics and Family Ecology in Ohio in the United States of America. It deals with social issues in the family, especially between children and their parents. It claims that life is dogged with biases and stereotypes, especially between children and their parents. Children try to adapt to the gender roles that they constantly see their parents practice in the wide perspective.

Although they could learn from their peers in school and in the neighborhood, children tend to believe that their parents are the best role models they could ever have in this world. They will capture these from their homes, especially when their parents tend to stay with them most of their time. Mothers may play a greater role in the development of children since they have a stronger bond with children as compared to fathers.


Children learn at a very tender age be it a boy or a girl. There is a myriad of opportunities, discouragements, overt behavior, activities, covert suggestions, encouragements, and the other forms of guidance. As much as all these are available, children still have to deal with different forms of gender role during this process of development. A child will not grow to adulthood without experiencing any of the biases whether in the family or in any other environment like school from peers and the rest.

A child’s exposure to the reality of being either a male or a female will surely come from parents since they play a very important role in the development of gender roles of children right from the moment of birth. Parents have very different expectations from their male or female children. The mother will have a different inclination from the father.

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