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In the world there are so many jobs for every taste, and that is why it is difficult to choose one.

Someone makes a choice based on the advices of their parents, others – on the basis of their abilities and aptitudes, and for some the most important thing, in their chosen field, is salary. Our solutions always have a reason behind them. The answer to the question of how to choose a profession can be based on your character or peculiarities. In the second case, it may be the salary, the demand in the labor market, the level of prestige, risk level, the opportunity to learn a profession in your native city, and many other factors.

But there is a hidden danger: things change, including the labor market, it changes especially fast. For example, in the mid-nineties the most prestigious professions were lawyers or economists. However, to date, their popularity has fallen, and the most popular are the experts in the HR (human resources – this includes all types of HR) or IT (informational technologies – information technology) sectors.

When choosing a profession, you must take into account the fact that the labor market is constantly changing, prestige and salaries in different areas are constantly fluctuating. Therefore, it is not possible to make even a slightly reliable forecast for at least 5 years (the time it takes to receive a higher education in the chosen profession). Because of this variability, psychologists advise to reference, when choosing a job, not on the external characteristics, but on the content and your own preferences. You and your future work must be suitable, otherwise it will not bring you joy.

In modern society, the mass of professions is over 1000.

According to opinion polls, the majority of young people are choosing occupations related to mathematics. All this is due to the fact that most of these jobs are very common around the world and bring a good income. For such work people should have an analytical mind and an interest in the business.

Such people should consider the following business fields as their future professions: Finance, teachers, computer programmers, accountants, economists and salespeople, secretaries, politics, etc.

Financial Analyst is a professional expert economist, a specialist in a particular sector of the market. He is responsible for the study of public companies and making recommendations for the purchase, sale or retention of securities. They use three elements to analyze and to make forecasts: the knowledge gained over years of hard training, practical experience and own intellect. The ultimate dream of young professionals with a diploma in financial analysis is to work in big consulting companies: PricewaterhouseCoopers, Delloite, Ernst & Young, McKinsy.

The profession of an economist is one of the most popular at the moment. What positions can be attributed to the economics profession? Many people think that these terms are referred only to economics, but there are many other professions (financiers, accountants, businessman, manager, etc.)

The financier, accountant, marketing manager, etc. are the main people in organizations, companies, and in the workplace. They determine not only the success of the organization, but often the possibility of its continued existence.

Analyze the data with your friends and relatives. And always remember: the final choice is only for you. Profession should be fun and it should bring you only positive emotions and to ensure the maximum realization of your abilities.

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