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If my current career plan changed its education requirement to a higher —level degree I would definitely strive for that higher-level degree in order to achieve my dreams of bringing change economically, politically and socially in our country. However, this can be achieved by embracing diversity and reading for intrinsic and extrinsic purpose.

Education in the society is a well known institution in which the members within the society learn different values, skills and norms. Knowledge is also acquired through education. As a result the society is endowed with better and productive members. Education is an important part of socialization, development, growth and global change. Education requirement is greatly changing because of cost implications. As the cost of live is rising each and every day, the cost of education correlates with this. The tuition fee for a person to attend college, costs up to tens of thousands of dollars. Parents have to save for a considerable period of time to have such kind of money or they use debts. This results to people changing their career plan and taking a cheaper one to avoid these debts, and their dreams are suddenly shuttered due to their low-income.

Social class and race in admission also affect profession plan. For instance, African American, Latino and Low-income students are less likely to attend college. This shows diversity is not fully embraced in college admission and campus life. Academic and financial difficulties and other problems further explain why so many students fail to graduate. Currently, seeking employment without academic qualifications is a challenging affair.

However, for both moral and economic reasons, colleges need to ensure their institutions work better for all the students they serve. Low-income students have to go extra mile to make ends meet in college. Student’s sacrifice most of their learning time so as they can work to be able to meet their daily expenses, one has to have more than one job to meet almost all the expenses. Consequently, their work schedule reduce the time they have for studying, therefore, their grades may suffer.

The social life of low-income students is negatively affected because they often have problems adjusting to campus life and living amid students from much more advantaged background. Advocates of school choice programs say they give parents an option for high quality education they otherwise would not afford. Public schools have undertaken measures to improve the quality of education that they are offering through upgrading of the institutions facilities. This has become an attractive option to parents who are considering public schools as a better brand of education than taking vouchers and sending them to the latter schools.

According to Walbarg, 2007, the effect of vouchers is that they force public schools to elevate themselves to a level in which they are attractive to students; this is because of the competitive nature of the vouchers. In addition, public schools do not have money to compete with private ones. In conclusion, I agree with Caldas & Banksten, 2005 that voucher programs will lead to “brain drain” of most academically motivated families and children from low-income schools. This implies that the dream career of the school going children and students in higher learning institution will be not being achieved because of changing educational requirement. In the long run their would inequity in the society as a result of the fact that some people are able to attain their goals and are more efficient when doing what they like.

The changes experienced in the job market have led to competition as employers target those people who they feel have the capability to drive their companies to a higher level among their competitors. This has forced those in the workforce to go back to school to acquire new and advanced skills that make them competitive among their peers.

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