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The following statistical analysis research paper will give the uses of the statistical data in detail from the area of work that I have an experience with it. The paper would give in details one good example of descriptive use of the statistics and also an example of use of the same statistics in inferential way and how it is applied in my working place. The statistical data would further be explained in four phases of measurements, as used in the place of work and if the data has not been previously used in the four phase level, then a description on how the data could be used can be explained out in details. Finally, the advantages of the various analytical method of information of the statistical data would be outlined (Tamhane, 2009).

The Importance of Statistical Analysis in Healthcare

There are two main senses via which the statistical analysis of the data is used. The first would involve the collection method of the quantitative information and the various methods that are used to handle this kind of data which is sometimes referred to as descriptive statistical method. Secondly, the drawing of the inferences that is based on large groups of variance, such as people only on the basis of observing the smaller groups in addition to giving a description of quantifiable data with the various ways of obtaining inferences and generalizing about them. People should be in a position to get the full of the understanding of the importance of healthcare, because the various reports concerning the healthcare are to be read and be analyzed critically so that the readers could make their own judgments about the various claims that have been reported by the writers (Calberg, 2011).

Statistics from the Place of Work

The statistical analysis that has been collected from my workplace involves the various needs of the patients that help to improve the care of delivery and to be able to obtain the results of the organization. This statistical analysis gives the clients the option to read and compare their satisfaction scores to peer groups for instance the hospitals that have the same number of beds. The various tools used to analyze the statistical the data are used to assess the different areas of the hospital in general, but we will concentrate on topics that are specific and vital for the health care of the patients. The hospital in my work place usually collects the data on weekly basis and makes it tallies known on the same week. The scores from different units are recorded and tallied on weekly basis, and then they are summed up all together in order for the overall average to be obtained. Thus this serves to be descriptive statistical analysis (National Center for Health Statistics U.S, 2009).

A Descriptive Statistical Analysis Example

The hospital under which I work for has a percentage as a target goal and this is usually 80%. This has been has been set as the target goal for each unit of the hospital. The unit under which I operate is known as the South wing. The scores have been recorded in the sheet below and varied tremendously. The unit is involved in the study of two kind of populations, the nurses and the patients’ number, and analysis are made on them and recorded. The overall number of the population is small such that the organization can include them in the population stud. Specific issues of the patients concerns are surveyed and then recorded down by various content analyses. For instance, one of the surveys’ question that is asked by the questionnaire is,” How was the pain controlled and to what extent of satisfaction?” From the period running from May 20th to May 27th of the year 2009, the South wing unit was able to record an average score of 87.1%. This is usually done by this unit and same to other units operating in the same hospital.

From the analysis of the final records, the clients and readers in general can be able to come to conclusion on how various issues affect the population in general.

Inferential Statistical Analysis of Data

This statistical analysis method uses the type of data that has been collected from various samples to draw the various types of inferences concerning the large population from which the sample data had been drawn from. For instance, the organization takes the collected information from the ground and that had been analyzed to draw various types of inferences on all the nurses in the hospital in how they should be able to improve the health care in their respective units. The specific questions that had been asked are taken from the survey topic and a comparison of the mean scores of the greatest increases and the decreases concerning to the questions is made from week to week of each unit. A 90 day plan of action is implemented after the data has been applied to the large population. The implemented course of action in my South wing unit involves;

a) Increasing the concern of the response towards the upward trend.

b) Promptness to an upward trend to the response.

c) Staff working together in order to care for the patient.

d) Giving all the attentions to the specific needs.

Each action that was to be initiated involved management that run from Monday through to Friday and that the focus was to be on various complaints, staff training on the various issues concerning the recovery process of the service of the program among other important issues that were raised during the survey.

Over the past few weeks, it has been proven that the overall mean has stayed stable, since the implementation of the plan of action.

The Four Stages of Measurement


The stages or rather the levels are used to categorize the various data collected which are sometimes identifiers to give the representation of scale of measurement in nominal form. A good instance where this stage of measurement is employed and used is where the survey could be in a position to label female participants as 1 while their counterparts male as 2 after which the statistical data taken for comparing of the perceptions amongst the sexes.


This level of measurements is used to give a representation of the various series of ranks that have been presented in an orderly manner. We do use this level of measurement in the place of my work. For example, when the analysis and assessment is made on the pain variable, “On a scale of 0 to 8, with zero representing pain and 8 a lot of pain, how would rate your pain?”

The ratio stage of measurement

It represents quantity when doing the analysis of the measurement.

The interval stage

This usually gives a full representation of the quality, but it usually indicated below the zero mark.


It gives the reader the option to have his or her own justification from the reports that have been analyzed and assessed using the various statistical methods of analysis. It also enables and helps various working individuals in their work place to get accurate feedback concerning their services they offer and to be able to make progress that are positive.


It is obvious statistical analysis is used in two different senses. The first would be involved in the general data collection best known as the descriptive statistics while the other one is best known as the inferential statistics that concerns itself with information. Satisfaction of the patient is important in the various healthcare units. The survey has been therefore been used to get the feedback from the patients concerning the services that the patient obtains from the hospital in the study. The various stages of measurements have also been indicated to indicate how various variables are defined, in order to give the accurate level of the interpretations that would aide in the improvement of the quality of the various kinds of services offered and thus satisfying the patients in the long run (Williamson, 2010).

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