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The observation of teacher’s performance as portrayed in the video show how teacher uses various teaching practices.

The teacher is professionally manages her class of 3d graders and provides them with the variety of various methods of learning. The teacher knows her students well, their weaknesses and stronger point. She knows their characters and what may spur them onto learning. She also realizes that for some students it takes time to answer, some have to be called on to answer and others will raise their hand even though they don’t know the correct answer. The teacher continuously makes an effort to connect student’s learning at the moment to their previous learning experiences. To help children grasp the concept of the material thought the teacher implores various teaching methods, in addition to group discussion, such as field trips, drawing and coloring of the study object, which helps children observe it closely. Next is the activity of creating an object. She several times repeats the idea of how the object is operating, bringing us various sides of the subject, making sure children are familiar with the terminology. She gives clear instruction to children of what is expected of them, and reviews with them how they will be team working. She allows children to pick their roles in the team and choose how they will be working on the project, however, the teacher is continuously oversees them, encourages them and prompt them for thinking. She refrains from unneeded intervention as well. Also, noteworthy is the fact that the teacher, knowing her students, chooses the teams to work together, which, she hopes, will allow for the individual participation. As the result, not only student were able to acquire new knowledge, but also the children that are usually shy and not talkative got the opportunity to participate and express their creativity, talk before the class. As per Observation Analysis Sheet, the teacher’s displays professional disposition. She is the leader of the class and, although managing the whole group, she also gives attention to individual students according to the goal of the discussion and their individual learning needs. The teacher knows potential and background of every student, which of them are better learners and who has more difficulties in class, however, she has higher expectations for her students and asks questions even those children for whom it might be a challenge. The positive atmosphere of the class allows students to open up and to think critically. Even less bright students surprise their teachers by their smart insightful answers, which she is delighted about. She also mentions the importance of continuous evaluation of her students by watching their non-verbal reaction as well as interacting with them to know if they really understood the material presented. I think the class presented and the teacher observed did a wonderful and professional job.

For the teacher’s development it might be suggested using other forms studies such as having students have a special homework project they will have to do with their parents, such as visiting s waterwheel mill and then drawing the report about their findings. It will allow students to review what they have learned in the classroom while building closer relationship with their parents and creating environment for parent’s participation in school activities, therefore building relationships not only with the students, but also with their families. Or maybe the homework might include making a report of the water uses, just like the main question the teacher had students reflect upon during their waterwheel creation.

When planning and preparing for the class, it might be a challenge to take into account everything, just like it was with the chart for the experiment recording. The teacher confessed that the next time around she would have organized it differently. The helpful tip in seeing if a material or visual aid is clear enough for children is through reviewing if it is clear enough for the teacher in the first place.

Overall, observing this teacher giving class to the children and reviewing her performance was inspiring. It showed variety of teaching method implemented and teacher’s dispositions and high standard of teaching. The students leaving the class develop not only educationally, but also emotionally and socially. Their learning environment is not only conducive of learning, but also allows for personal growth and development. The teacher did an excellent job.

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