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This is an argumentative essay based on the issue on whether volunteerism has any effect on human life. The essay will prove that volunteering has a great effect on human lives and as such the thesis statement of this essay will be: volunteering can transform human lives. This essay is backed up by the story of Abebech Gobenafrom Ethiopia in Africa. She is the founder of Ethiopia’s oldest orphanage.

It should be noted that in most cases volunteering is done with an aim of making life comfortable for a third party. It is a show of love from person who is in a position to another one who is in dire need of love. Thus from this very onset it is clear that volunteerism will certainly affect the live of the person receiving the compassion acts and depending on the magnitude of the love the live can be transformed. Heavy acts of compassion done with a lot committed have transformed lives as shown in the next paragraph.

Abebech Gobena was one day moved beyond measures when she met a crying child lying nest to her dead mother. The mother died from lacking food. This was happening in Ethiopia at a time when there was a severe drought in the nation of Ethiopia and people were dying out of hunger. Abebech took home the child and cared for it. Some time late she was met with a similar scene and again was forced by compassion to take in another child. This trend continued and soon she developed a home orphanage. It is very obvious that had she not volunteered to pick up these children their lives could have been terminated by hunger just like their parents’ lives (Ayele 1).

Acts of volunteerism have great effects on the lives of those who are the receivers. The story of Abebech above is a true story recorded and it beyond doubt that the efforts of this tirelessly woman has transformed the lives of the children that she had picked. As a matter of fact chances are the children would have died if she had left them with their dead parents because if the parents were not able to feed themselves how could the young children do it all by themselves. Therefore it is indeed true that volunteering can indeed and has indeed transformed lives.


The spirit of volunteerism has brought many changes to human live. From alleviating pain to giving hope to face tomorrow volunteering has been the core of changing and transforming human lives. 

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