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For me, theory used to be a very unappealing subject. If I was given the choice between a subject on theory and some practical issue, I would have chosen the latter. However, thinking that it is about time for me to face the challenge of learning about something I have mostly avoided, I had a positive outlook at the start of the course. Having the idea that theory and practice are two different and unconnected things, I had questions about the usefulness of the course for the job. Moreover, I had the impression that the class would be very demanding, because of a book for each theory to be read, and since it had been some time since my undergraduate course wherein I have encountered nursing theory, I had some doubts about my ability to cope with the requirements. All of these were my thoughts six weeks ago.

In going through the course, many of these notions have been clarified and set straight. I learned that theory is tightly related to practice. They both reinforce each other and one cannot exist without the other. The teaching style has allowed me to draw on my professional and personal experiences to better understand and appreciate course content. This is the big difference between learning theory in undergraduate level, where there is minimal clinical experience, and postgraduate, when proficiency and expertise in nursing has been attained. The presentation of concepts in the resources used has made it easy to understand the materials and it was helpful in preparing for the class. Exposure to the perspectives of others who work in clinical settings other than mine has also enriched my understanding of how theories are used in different settings. The opportunity for team work further decreased the individual work load and reiterated the value of collaboration to produce work that is far superior than when done alone. Overall, I have found the concepts of the course highly useful for improving my practice as a nurse and I deem it worthwhile to have experienced this course.

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