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Despite continued progress towards gender equality, statistics shows that there is still a massive rift between men’s and women’s earnings even in the current society. Women in the workforce are less likely to work on a full time basis and are likely to leave the labor force for a longer period than men are. This suppresses the women’s wages. In addition, men with children appear to get more earning boost. For instance, men with children earn 2 percent more than men without children do. Therefore, women get less pay in general because of their family commitment, and in some cases, it is because of discrimination.

According to Lester Thurow, women do not hold the same status as men in the business corporate world. She states that women will make on average less than 60 percent than men. She believes that this is because, during the essential period of promotion and skill acquisition, women are busy with childbearing and raising the children while men are not. For instance, Robert and Lester say that white women who are working fully have with regular monotony made less than 60 percent as compared to white men (187). Analyzing this essay from Toulmin model, the following can be found:

Claim: earning discrepancies exist between men and women, with women making on average 60% of the total men earnings for comparable work.

Backing: this difference has no relationship to discrimination, biological differences, or education factors.

Warrant: the only solution to reduce the salary gap between men and women is to alternate means of planning their families or reorganize the existing support and skill attainment system to cover an extended time span.

Thurow’s attitude is that it is just discrimination. She says that, during the critical moment when the lady has to be advancing in her career, that is at the age of between 25 and 35, she is busy with the work of childbearing. This affects the amount of time which the women will dedicate to work. In her efforts to equalize the difference in pay between men and women, Thurow offers the solution that either woman should give birth before the age of 25 or after 35 (221).

Claim: there is a difference in the level of production of women between the ages of 25 to 30 years. This is just an overall claim or rather opinion; it is not a rule of the corporate society.

Backing: the difference has a relationship to the amount of time that they commit themselves to work.

Warrant: the best way to alter the gap is through elimination of the period in which men and women can attain full financial success. Many women in the society today have managed to attain their financial goals at the age of 35. This indicates that time has changed, and so did women.

Women end up being paid less than men because of the place they have in the society as inferior to men. When Thurow makes the comment that “Men have the notion that they are supposed to provide for the family economically while women are to look after their families”¦”, she portrays women to be more e inferior to men (203).

Claim: women get fewer wages as their work because they take care of the families.

Warrant: none.

Backing: it is shocking the way in an organization or within the society men who earn less, still do worse than the men who earn the same as them.

In conclusion, women earn less than men because of the attitudes that people have towards them. They also earn less, as at their prime age instead of extremely productive they are busy bearing children. Thurow predicts that if some actions are not taken, corporate America is apt to extend on a higher scale the difference between male and female earnings for a long period.

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