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The novel deals with the issue like poverty, hunger, tyranny, and the effects of battle among others. It also demonstrates the resistance for self-defense that the citizens of Panem go through in their districts and the Hunger Games in which they are required to take part. The people undernourishment and their need for funds, equally inside and outside of the stadium, generate an ambiance of defenselessness that the key characters try to prevail over in their struggle for survival.

The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games is based on the quest of Katniss Everdeen, who is enforced to take on in a fight-to-the-death contest alongside other children. The Hunger Games happens after the ruin of North America, in a country known as Panem, which comprises an affluent Capitol and twelve adjacent, poorer neighborhoods.

In a planet of restricted resources, the dictatorial government ruled by the Capitol keeps its populace in line by dividing them into Districts and underpins harsh class division. Their strongest device is to uphold disunion and to discourage rebellion is the Hunger Games: a broadcasted event in which the partaker must fight to the death in a treacherous outside sports ground controlled by the Capitol until only one is left.

The Capitol dictates its districts by controlling schooling and the medium, keeping the districts in a condition of starvation and poverty, and scrutinizing all aspects of life. Hunger games came as a penalty for a preceding revolt against the Capitol whereby a 13th district was ruined, one boy and one girl from the ages of 12 and 18 from all district were chosen by a yearly raffle to take part in it.

Katniss resides with her family in District 12, the underprivileged of the districts. District 12 is situated in the coal-rich section that was previously Appalachia. She is depicted as a strong, determined lady who seems to have risen above the limitations of the conventional female gender responsibility, and she eventually becomes successful. From the time her father died, she has been providing for her family by hunting unlawfully in the woods outside the region with her ally Gale.

The whole area of the District 12 is deserted by the government system regardless of the existence of undomesticated animals from the nearby forests. The inhabitants here are exposed to the danger of contracting fatal diseases due to the polluted conditions in their environment. They are also continuously at risk of succumbing to lethal attacks by the animals in the nearby forest unlike the inhabitants of the Capitol. Additionally, the residents of the District 12 are forced to do odd backbreaking jobs in coal mines so as to make ends meets and not forgetting due to the nature of their work they are also prone to lose their lives in the incident of a coal mine explosion.

In The Hunger Games, financial and community inequality between the well-off Capitol and the underprivileged District 12 highlight the elements of class dissimilarity in Panem. There is strong repression of the unfortunate by the affluent, and socioeconomic suppression is to blame for the massive inequality. The regulations are illogical, profound, and subject to unexpected change. An atrocious social chain of command triumphs, with the wealthy, and the nice-looking lording their advantages over everybody else. On one such occasion, the capital chose Prim, Katniss’s younger sister, as the female contestant. Katniss presents herself as a contestant to take the place of her sister and is permitted to serve as tribute next to Peeta, a young man from the same district.

They are both taken to the Capitol, where their intoxicated adviser, Haymitch asks them to observe and finds out the strengths and weaknesses of the other contestants. They are equally trained for the vicious games and spruced to represent a certain figure for the viewers. Katniss forces herself into stoic willpower to win, a perspective made complex by the benevolent Peeta. The relationship is made even more burdened when Peeta owns up in a live discussion that he likes Katniss. On the other hand, she avoids making emotional links that could deter her aspiration to succeed. So she consents to portray the image of an integrated front.

Katniss thinks this to be a plan on Peeta’s side so to gain supporters, who can be vital to the continued existence because of their capability of sending assistance such as foodstuff, medication, and apparatus to favored contestants throughout the Games. While almost half the contestants are exterminated in the initial day of the Games, for survival, Katniss depends on her well-trained hunting and endurance skills to stay behind unscathed and hidden from the other contestants.

Only some days into the games, Katniss formed an agreement with Rue, from District 11 who always reminded her of her sister. On the other hand, Peeta joins forces with the contestants from the more affluent districts. Nevertheless, whenever he got an opportunity of killing Katniss, he instead rescued her from the others. Katniss’s pact with Rue came to an unexpected conclusion when Rue got killed by a different tribute, who Katniss then exterminates with an arrow. She then hums a tune to Rue until she passes away and spreads flowers on top of her dead body as an indication of admiration for Rue and repugnance to the Capitol. Regardless of her allies’ death, love is displayed as the reason of keeping Katniss alive. She endured the hard times subsequent to her father’s death because she had her family to look after and provide for.

Additionally, her budding love for Peeta in the stadium incessantly assisted her. The most noticeable way is by persuading Haymitch to send her gifts from the supports. Though she maintained that she conveys love only for the sake of the contributions, her true thoughts for him are what aided her to endure the concluding stages of the Games.

Due to Katniss and Peeta’s representation in the thoughts of the viewers as “ill-fated lovers”, a rule of alteration is broadcasted in the middle of the Games, consenting to the triumph of two contestants from the similar district to win the Hunger Games as a pair. When the duo remains as the final two existing tributes, the Game makers overturn the rule alteration in an effort to compel them into a theatrical finale, where one must exterminate the other to triumph.

Katniss knew that they would rather have two winners than not any, takes extremely lethal berries from her small bag, and presents some to Peeta. When the game makers saw their plan of wanting to kill themselves, they then announce that both will be the winners of the Hunger Games.

Against all changes, Katniss wins the Hunger Games. Both District 12 contestants phenomenally came out of the game alive. As a result of their triumph, murmurs of a revolution against the Capitol start coming up – a revolution that both Katniss and Peeta may have helped to form. Katniss finds out that she has brought about unrest that she is incapable of stopping. What worries her, even more, is that she is not entirely persuaded she should try to stop it.


Katniss survives the game, and although her home has been ruined and her family is not dangerous. Peeta gets detained by the Capitol and District 13 ceases to subsist. She becomes more and more resentful as she observes the viciousness of the Games; she is enforced to make numerous principled choices. She eventually proves that she is a thoughtful and sympathetic person who despises causing torment, in contrast to being a mere hunter.

It is a plan that Katniss was saved from the stadium in the unkind and poignant neighboring repress, and it was a plan for her to be part of the rebellion with no knowledge of it. The accomplishment of the rebellion centers on Katniss’s compliance to be a wager, to agree to accountability for immeasurable lives, and to modify the path of the hope of Panem. She put away her feelings of annoyance and doubt to accomplish this and become the revolutionary leader.

Katniss’s tale is to some extent the tale of her becoming an activist. When first chosen as a contestant, Katniss instantaneously commences putting together a plan to prevail, in view of her adversary as the other contestants.

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