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Squealer makes a point of trying to comfort the animals to work harder for his own benefit. Apparently, the animals seem to have less freedom than when they lived under the control of Jones. Squealer meant that the food was not in short supply anymore. They had plenty of food to eat and no one to regulate how much they eat. However, this is false as there was no significant improvement, and some animals even complained that they were working twice as hard. There is betrayal just like when Jones used to run the farm by the three pigs.

Squealers statement is not true because there was the adoption of human behavior of controlling the animals. Napoleon, Squealer and Snowball adopted Jones’ way of running the farm and ostensibly refer to it as animalism. They still use other animals the same way a human being would have done. Their work is to stay idle while shouting orders as seen in the process of building the windmill. They even go ahead and start indulging in human-like behavior such as drinking alcohol and dressing in certain clothes.

It is quite apparent that the animal life had not improved to any extent. It was only the pigs in the farm that could ascertain to this but not any other animal therein. The pigs are depicted as liars and manipulators. Squealer, Snowball and Napoleon try to pretend that they have the animals interest at heart, but this is not so. Instead, the pigs only look out for themselves. They make commandments which they then modify to suit their needs. They even engage in human-like behavior, which the other animals loathed. Pigs are used in a symbolic way to represent the greedy leaders in society who would go to any extent in meeting their goals.

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