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BBA is an abbreviation from Bachelor of Business Administration. It refers to the degree that can be earned either in business administration or commerce. Depending on the learning institution and its own standards, BBA may require 3 to 4 years of study. Also, the time period differs in various countries worldwide. The curriculum for the degree may differ depending on specific university, but usually includes general business disciplines, accompanied by some specific, advanced courses, defining the major specification. The degree is very diverse, as it offers undergraduate students the opportunity to obtain knowledge in a variety of business fields, and simultaneously emphasize the stress on one or few core areas of study.

The BBA degree introduces students to the company overall structure and the way it functions. The entire course teaches and allows students to develop the managerial skills, makes their communication skills stronger and more efficient, and enables students to become capable of making important business decisions on their own. Since every university offers its own specification to the study plan, the outcome for every degree might differ, but most institutions provide the undergraduate students with the opportunity of practical skill training and improvement. This is done by internships, visits to different operating businesses, cooperation with the business experts. Often the experts, running their own business or operating a big company, are invited to lecture for the undergraduate students, as they are the people with the most developed practical skills in the area.

Quite often, though not always, undergraduates are required to major in some fields like accounting, marketing, real estate etc in order to complete the course and earn the degree. The BBA degree allows proceeding to obtaining the MBA. Undergraduates of the BBA program have the required knowledge and skills to become experts in the business area.

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