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Efficient Energy Inc. is a 10-year-old company that offers invaluable research in wind vane calibration. In addition, we offer technical advice, installation, and support systems that increase efficiency. In the ten years of our operation, we calibrated wind vanes for 15 high profile clients, 7 of whom are multinational energy corporations. It is in the best interests of Future Solutions to consider this proposal, as we have the necessary experience to handle such projects.

As understood by the problem statement in the ‘Request for Proposal’ document, efficient, cheap, and clean energy seems to be of utmost importance. We propose that Future Solutions use a refined and efficient wind vane calibration system that relies on the most innovative and modern technology. It will cost $3.5 million in initial outlay for each wind vane, producing 5MW (Megawatts).  The benefits of this solution are that the energy produced is renewable because the vane generates energy from wind movement across its blades. Further, it is clean energy, as its constituent components are environmentally friendly. In addition, the efficiency of the system is extremely high as the vanes can change direction to accommodate various wind blowing trajectories.

This proposal is by Efficient Energy, written in response to the ‘Request for Proposal’ by Future Solutions. Efficient Energy is primarily a research-based company that includes an expert team of research analysts, who are global leaders in their respective fields. Through the hard work from this excellent team of brilliant minds, we have been able to carve out a reputation in this exclusive and highly competitive niche.

The corporate problem realized by Future Solutions incorporates the need for efficient energy solutions. In addition, this energy has to be renewable and clean. We understand that the abovementioned company would like to leave a minimal carbon footprint in its path. Therefore, they need an all-round system that minimizes environmental hazard, whilst maximizing the corporation’s wealth.

We believe the best solution to this problem is the use of a Wind Vane Calibration system that optimizes output while requiring minimal input in return. The calibrations we offer are vital to this solution. This is because they change direction to optimize wind harnessing, while continually transferring kinetic energy into mechanical energy. This solution transfers all the potential kinetic energy of the wind to mechanical energy. This will produce electricity. It thus meets the objectives of Future Solutions in providing cheap electricity due to lower implementation costs, compared to that of building a dam or a geothermal power station. Further to this, the vane calibration system allows for clean energy generation, because there is no need for the use of fossil fuels. By extension, this means that the vane calibration system will reduce the pollution generated by its users.

Technical Section

We believe that vane calibration is the optimal solution involving installation of wind vanes, also known as wind turbines. This is because each turbine will be able to produce 5MW of electricity at a relatively low cost of implementation, coupled with equally low running costs. Furthermore, wind is a renewable source of energy because it is a movement of air from the areas of high atmospheric pressure to those of low atmospheric pressure. There are various reasons that explain this phenomenon; however, there is always wind movement from one area to another at any one time. This is an almost instantly renewable source of energy, as the wind does not change in form or quantity after having been used as a source of energy.

Proposed Solution

Efficient Energy vanes will turn kinetic energy of the wind into electricity. Efficient Energy uses a modern horizontal-axis turbine, which is the most effective method of generating wind energy. It consists of a rotor shaft with an electrical generator on a tower top that points windward. It senses the wind direction by using highly advanced servomotors. It also uses a gearbox that ensures efficient turning of the slower blades into faster motion.


We also took into consideration the construction of dams via a sister corporation, Dam Corp, but we feel that they are not in-line with Future Solutions’ objectives as they are expensive to construct and assume massive running costs.


We will use a three-phase process to solve the corporate problem, which is:

i) Sensor Operation and Calibration: accomplished through the calculation of wind speed, vane, and compass.

ii) Data Acquisition

iii) Estimation of Sensor Accuracy

These will measure the viability and sustainability of the potential site.


We will be responsible for recommending all necessary components for successful implementation, coupled with the best source for the same. We will also be responsible for recommending the best sites for possible mounting of the vanes.

We are not responsible for the acquisition of any machinery, and neither shall we be involved in any transportation.

Management Section

The proposal for any site will require Paul Pearce, Systems Engineer; Sharon Levi, Mechanical Engineer; Melvin Karl, Project Coordinator; and Gladys Wheeler, Human Resource Manager. All other personnel will be required depending on the size of the project. The personnel are highly qualified, with each having a PhD in their respective fields.  They also have experience in the projects we have already completed. Please refer to the attached files for the relevant organizational chart.

Work will commence when Future Solutions deems it fit, and depending on the project size, will be completed in an average of 8 months. Refer to the Gantt chart attached for the schedule.

Similar projects that we have successfully realized are The Wolf Project in Germany, the Green Deal in Brazil, and the Francs in South Africa.

Cost Section

Wind Turbine


Labor Cost


Total (per turbine)


Each turbine will cost $2,850,000 to purchase inclusive of tax. These figures are exclusive of transport costs and tax.


We would like to stress that the calibration will optimize efficiency, while radically lowering costs of implementation and running the projects, compared to common methods currently used. It is also simpler, as all that it requires are the measurement of crucial variables, purchase of equipment, and subsequent implementation.

We would also like to emphasize that we will strive to meet our company’s objectives in the letter. We also live up to the obligation to exercise exemplary work and professionalism in all that we do. We sincerely hope to be hearing from you soon.

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