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The interest to run a multinational business or own large business ventures emanates from within.  It is intrinsic and shaped by experience which spurs up desire to run such kind of business.  Nothing attests to this other than Mohamed Jalil’s story of entrepreneurial success. Currently a famous weapon dealer selling weapons to government as well as criminal gangs around the world, Jalil started of as a simple young man severing as an agent to weapon dealers. Deep within in him, he really desired to own a venture of his own, a desire which later made him give up the comfort of earning as an agent and venture into entrepreneurship, a new field to him.

As an agent, Jalil could find potential buyer to weapons and ensure that the weapons are deliverer to buyers. Undoubtedly, these experiences prepare him to take up the center stage in as far as weapon dealership is concerned.  Like most famous entrepreneurs he saw an opportunity to make it big through his position as an agent to prepare for his meteoric rise. When asked how he did it, Jalil states that, “opportunity favors a prepared mind.” Actually, he is right. Many people would have wasted such an opportunity to rise from rags to riches.

When he set out on his own to become his own master, Jalil already knew where to get weapons and where to sale them. Furthermore, he had adequate capital accumulated from his previous dealings with weapons which was just adequate to start up his dream business. Start of with a capital of $5 and a team of six employees, He has developed his business to a worth over a hundred thousand billion dollars and thousands of employees around the world. He is currently the richest man in the world with an arm dealership company that has spread networks globally. In fact he manufactures some of the weapons he sales. He is certainly an example of a man who had mad success through facing each challenges as it comes and making the best of every opportunity.

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