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To begin with, at the advent of cellular phones, life became easier as connection between home and office and people in the larger perspective became easier. Originally, cellular phones were aimed at making a constant connection to an office or home without necessary relying on the wired connection. In the recent times, use and application of cellular phones has experienced a tremendous growth and innovation with the effect been felt globally. In the light of the technological growth that has been experienced, the use of iphone has emerged (Pogue 73). Iphone is one of the developments that have been achieved in the field of communication and in fact it marks the greatest innovation in history.

Advantages of Iphone

This has been achieved by means of Apple Company and in reality it is one of the hottest and best selling items. iPhones have the benefit of being a multi-touch screen that provides the user with the ability to directly call from the contact list (Pogue 47). Above and beyond, it allows for one to listen to voice mail in various forms. Accordingly, the iphone possesses the ability to store music and play it at the same time. Ultimately, the iphone is a portable device that one can carry in the pocket.

At the same time, it gives one the convenience of email services and internet services at any place. In line with this, for people who happen to be on the move, they benefit so much from the fact that more than one function can be performed by use of iphone (Blokdijk 23). Iphone is equipped with everything that is required by any student, professionals, and knowledge individual in whichever aspect. The features make it to be quite unique. In specific terms, the features comprise of multi media, web enabled and a touch screen technology.

It is inclusive of a Wi-Fi connectivity that provides room for one to browse at any time. Its compatibility in addition, makes it to be able to connect with other networks globally. There is no one that can resist the advantages that come along with iphone and therefore there is a global craving to just own such like a phone. Individuals in the current era are characterized by a tendency to seek to accomplish things faster in order to safe time (Blokdijk 26). Although it is important to safe time for efficiency, there is always the other side of the coin that seeks to be addressed.  

Equally, the iphone happen to be the most advanced phone ever produced. In particular, it is capacitated to hold movies, photos, contacts, calendars, web browser, games and other such like features. As such, iphone has the capability to make things get done efficiently. There are several advantages of iphone that make it exceptional and desirable to all. This is because it has software able to perform several functions that make life easier and enjoyable (Hart 106). With iphone, you avoid a trip to the bank, you get groceries done, you pay your bills, you communicate with friends around the world and you get all what you need without necessarily sweating for it.  The kind of life brought about by iphone has great pleasure that cannot be resisted.

Normally, people seek for comfort and with the advent of technology; they seek to make living easier without engaging in manual exercises (Blokdijk 28). This is what iphone has brought about, a dream whose fulfillment has been anticipation for many. There has been an application almost for everything made possible by iphone. With its features in place each and everyone will seek to at least own one in order to make life easy.

There are several rewards of having iphone. For instance, an iphone will make one to access social networking media. This is made possible by twittering or facebook use. Twittering and chatting with friends in facebook using an iphone is desirable owing to the iphone interface. In connection to this, iphone enables one to record song or in simple terms iphone acts as a Dictaphone (Netsize and Salz 156). In relation to this, there are unlimited games made proviso for in the iphone. In addition, iphone can be used for shopping.

Again, there is the provision of music and video and even one can view YouTube clips using it. There is the availability of dictionary and thesaurus that provides meaning for words. In line with this, there is the availability of camera and photos of which the Camera can do more than a normal camera. Furthermore, with iphone one can get news minute by minute. Additionally, it can play the role of a GPS logger together with the fact that it can be used as a remote control (Blokdijk 21).  

Several Disadvantages of Iphone

Despite the many advantages that are accorded to the device, there disadvantages that have been pointed out.  However, the disadvantages stem from how much one is attached to the iPhones. It has been brought into view the many returns that come along with iphone but this does not mean that our lives should be connected to the iPhones. The term “Stay connected” has been misused by those that have reached to the level of addiction to defend their course. Nevertheless, this should not be the case as many who stay connected as it is presumably stated have had some kind of addiction that has led to a lot of social problems than anticipated (Hart 112).

To some individuals, much time is spent on the iphone without engaging in the other aspects of life.  It therefore becomes a great challenge when the extent to which iphone makes life easier is overstated. There is always a limit to what one does and in this case, use of iPhones cannot be excluded as there should be a limit on how one makes application of iPhones. It is true that they are quiet important and that they make life easy, but, proper use of them is required. This is to suggest that a controlled use of iPhones required along with individuals transiting from iLife to a life that used to be before the discovery of iPhone. There has been an ongoing awareness that has been brought about as a result of many becoming iphone addicts.

So to speak, iphone addicts are those individuals whose lives revolve around the iphone. Everywhere you meet them; they must be concentrating with the iphone. In this regard, you will find then making a call, sending a message, reading an email, chatting with a friend and other related behaviors (Hart 111). During meetings, breakfast, while traveling, in the office, in the bedroom and in every time of their lives, they are doing something in their phones. A minute becomes so hard to go without checking the email and in most cases; they became less social people as they can find what they need in the phone. This can best be described as addiction to iphone and in particular depending on it too much.

Such individuals cannot do without iPhones and are unable to get duties and goals met without an iphone. The most important object in their lives becomes the iphone and therefore, the only thing that they place more value on. So to articulate, such people end up getting disconnected from the social sphere as the only thing they spent time with is the phone (Sagolla 106). If we take a look of how things were before the advent of iphone, we can be in a position to acknowledge the change that has come with technology. Before the iphone came into being, one had to make a trip to pay the bills in the bank, make account transfer, open accounts, do groceries manually and use a computer to browse.

When iPhones came into being life changed and the people were able to accomplish tasks with ease. In spite the notable benefits that were realized, some individuals overly relied on the iphone making it to the most important object in their daily lives. They became so much attached to their iphone that without them they could not do anything. Taking their iPhones away became as good as taking their lives away. This can be translated to what is termed as addiction to iPhones. The urge to make use of the device to such individuals is so great that they cannot resist it anywhere anytime (Hart 107). Whenever they hear a sound of a text or a call to make it simpler in whatever situation even during an important meeting, you will see them responding.  

Again, such people place much value on the use of iphone such that health duties like walking becomes a great task and require that everything that they need to get done to be accomplished while they are seated back. The effects of iphone, the new iLife, range from social effects, cultural and physical in the larger perspective. In line with this, there are many families that have ended up in separation due to iphone. It has reached a critical point that calls for intervention since at the same time youths have been addicted to the iLife with disastrous effects that cannot be underrated.

Think of sites like facebook, yahoo, MySpace, Gmail and other such like others of which youths use most of their time while chatting. It is amazing the way immorality has been prevalent among youths as iphone has availed the pornographic sites access of which they navigate for gratification (Hart 106). This has of late made many teens to be addicted into the so called browsing and taking pleasure in such like sites. Being the majority, the young generation has come into being owing to the fact that technology has advanced in their time. Due to this factor, owning iphone for a youngster is an achievement and a sign of development.

Connecting with the world through the social network media is a goal for many of them and since this is possible with iphone, the youths will inevitably seek to own them. You will without doubt find them listening to music, downloading apps using the iphone, watching video, text messaging friends and you will discover that this is only the thing that they concentrate on (Netsize and Salz 156). Some end up failing in their studies due to a lack of concentrating as when the lecturer was teaching they were sending an email. To a youth, one can be sure the material provided by iphone is so exciting to them.

The iPhone’s Effect in Our Life

It is important to examine the kind of damage that iphone has brought to our society despite the advantages attributed to it. In the same line of thought, iphone as a way that one can access his or her bank account has made many people a captive in the sense that they depend on it to do transactions with subsequent aspect of indolent people. Simply because one can do the entire job from his or her phone, has led to many people adapting an attitude of laziness as they seek for pleasure (Hart 106). This may seem to be a little subject, but in reality it has attributed to obesity as a moral panic.

This is to suggest that many people get their duties done without necessarily engaging in them physically. This has as a result led to many living sedentary lives without physical exercise. Lack of physical exercise has in actual fact been associated with obesity as many individuals with iPhones rarely expend the calories in their bodies.

The effects of iPhones are so numerous that they have intruded in the smooth running of families. Iphone users who are addicted find themselves concentrating to find whether they have got some updates, somebody has emailed them, what others have to say in the facebook and other such like issues (Heneberg 69). With such like concerns, iphone users find themselves in a dilemma of family disintegration as they find it hard to get time for their families. Along with this, iphone has provided room for those addicted to pornography to fulfill their craving using it.  During conversations, they tend to be concentrating with their iPhones and as a consequence, they never get time for their families.  

Also, iphone users continue to communicate with the people that they know only without socializing with other different individuals. Such are the kind of people who will seek not to know a new friend next in a plane just because sending an email is the ultimate fulfillment that marks their lives. It also becomes hard for one to get to know worries and joys of their partners as it is hard to pay attention to them (Hart 110). During meals, addicts of iPhones find themselves concentrating with their iphone. While engaging in some serious discussions with the addicts, they will get distracted as they cannot avoid using their iPhones to browse and chat with friends (Sagolla 106).

If this happens to be the case for a married man, then when will such a man get time to entertain the wife and children? Such a family is prone to divorce as the wife and children may lose a sense of belonging as well as a feeling that they have been neglected (Rainer and Rainer 173). The relationship between the former generations whereby the dictates of culture require respect for the adult while conversing, can be heavily strained. This is because; talking to a parent while concentrating on the iphone would translate to disrespect. While talking to a boss and an employee is busy sending an email is undesirable and this is the extent to which an iphone addict will go to.  

Many have failed to get very important information during a conversation as they happened to be busy reading an email from a friend. According to (Reeves 1), he confesses that there was a time he kept checking his emails as he could not get time to listen to the daughter’s account in school. He was also not able to find time for himself and family as a counseling therapist.  This is what such technology takes the lives of people to. Others play games that they leave some jobs undone (Sagolla 105). To an employer, the rating of the employees’ work would be inefficient and substandard.

This calls for a layoff or otherwise decreased productivity thus lowering the income in a company. Moreover, there are many accidents that have been realized just because a driver was messaging a friend using an iphone while driving. Such like happenings have been associated with iphone addicts who rather than ignore an email or updates, will go beyond this to sacrifice the lives of many checking the email and at the same time driving (Reeves 1).

In this case, Apple Company is not to be blamed as its main aim is to gain profits from the sales. It therefore calls for personal responsibility for each and every person to ensure that right measures are employed in order to reduce or rather eliminate much reliance on iPhones. It becomes hard to imagine a case whereby the battery of the iphone has gone low and there is no power. In such a case, duties will remain pending since the iphone addict has got no alternative of accomplishing duties. As such, these are some of the main issues that need a remedy. If it happens that the iphone get broken, to an iphone addict, it costs him or her life. In order to avoid such like situations, the extent to which one relies on an iphone should be kept in check (Hart 105).

iPhone’s Addiction

In actual fact, iphone use has turned out to be an addiction to many in the current world that is driven by technology. It is an aspiration of many teens to own one and it appears to be the daily living style for many. In consistent with this factor, it is a good idea to own iphone as it helps to get things done faster but on the other hand, much reliance on its use is detrimental (Hassin, Ochsner and Trope 305). The iphone users, who have been marked as to be addicted, have a story to tell of the effects it has had on their lives. Some have been struggling to stop this addiction to no avail and therefore it calls for our society to intervene as though it may appear to be not a great deal, iphone addiction is perpetuating costly effects.

It becomes almost impossible for  the addicts to finish a minute without checking who in reality has send a text message, an email and also getting updates. As earlier on highlighted, the iphone is capacitated to hold movies and videos. Subsequently, one may fail to attend fully to other duties as he or she kept watching movies in the iphone while in the office and elsewhere. Availability of news minute by minute will keep one carving to know more and therefore checking in the iphone each and every moment.

He or she may be keeping on listening to music in the iphone and thus addiction to the music will keep them so much attached to the iphone. This has detached the individuals from the physical contact with the other people (Heneberg 68). Hence, social aspect of life has been adversely affected. Would a good society that really cares for the cohesion between its people allow such a pandemic to sweep away the society? No, not at all, addiction to iPhones is a moral panic that needs to be addressed from the social point of view.

Having pointed out on the effects of iphone and more specific the addiction to iPhones by many of the users, one can realize that there is need for intervention. Intervention in this case would mean that personal responsibility is a mandatory together with the fact that ways to overcome the addiction should be employed. Some ways through which the addicts can employ in order to overcome addiction is limiting the use of iphone. This calls for strictness on the use by allocating its use at certain times of the day (Hart 111). It may prove to be hard to avoid checking the iphone while in ones pocket, and due to this factor, one should ensure that the iphone is kept either in a bag or a drawer.

Secondly, one may opt to acquire a regular standby phone that has got no features like a iphone. This can work out the trick and one can be able to overcome the addiction. Thirdly, one can do away with addiction by ensuring that he or she stops application downloads. Changing ones plan from unlimited web surfing to limited one, can enable one overcome addiction. Moreover, change of ones circle of friends who cause him or her to chat in the web can play a great deal in reducing the addiction. Besides, rather than sitting back and surfing, outdoor activities can divert ones mind and as a consequence, iphone surfing may be overcome (Hassin, Ochsner and Trope 305).

In the worst cases, addiction to iPhones can be dealt with by ensuring that one avoids the use of smart phones. This can ensure that addiction to iPhones is eliminated. It is a good idea for one to sit back and reflect on the damage that the use of iphone causes. In this sense, most of company layoffs stem from incidences whereby a boss realizes that the employee is taking and spending much time using iphone. This is a great drawback if one has to lose a job simply because he or she cannot resist the temptation to use an iphone (Heneberg 69).

In the same line of thought, why would one lose a spouse or a girl friend owing to the fact he is addicted to iphone? This is ridiculous and ought to be addressed with care. Some people who were once social have been affected by use of iphone to an extent that they are unable to socialize and integrate in with other individuals in the society.  Before things get worse and much loss be realized, individual responsibility coupled with awareness programs through the societal intervention should be employed in order to avoid the pitfalls that iphone addiction can lead one to.

iPhone, the new iLife, is the product of the new development in the world of communication.  As it has been discussed above, use of iphone is on the increase owing to the fact that iPhones have numerous benefits. Being a portable device easy to carry, iphone makes life easy to operate. It is unimaginable, how life was before iphone came into being. People had to travel to ensure that bills are paid, bank accounts are transacted and shopping was done physically. With iphone, all these issues have been addressed; one can get bills paid and accounts transacted without necessarily employing the physical effort. Internet accessibility is made possible through iphone hence connecting with friends around the world has been made possible.

More to the point, there has been an overuse or in simpler terms there has been addiction to iphones by the users. Some of them are aware of the problem while others are not. However, whether one is aware or not, it calls for intervention since such addiction has become a moral panic. Addiction to technology and in particular iPhones is a cause to many accidents as many drivers who use it cannot avoid responding to the messages and emails and music in them.

Family separation has in addition been perpetuated by addiction to iPhones as a spouse becomes so much addicted to it that time for building the relationship with the spouse and children becomes a rare commodity. During meetings, breakfast, in the work place and even during the night, addicts have had their minds tuned to the iphone and thus some important information may not be internalized. Above all, addiction to technology has been marked as a causal agent to social disintegration as addiction to such technologies as iphone lead to one being not able to socialize (Sagolla 105).

Ways to Overcome This Addiction

Ways to overcome this have been highlighted and while they may work out the trick of overcoming iphone addiction, self control in relation to this addiction is prerequisite. Self control in this situation should be made a goal and with this one can avoid the lure of falling into the temptation of the iphone addiction (Hassin, Ochsner and Trope 305). Notably, taking a notebook and engaging in activities that give no room for its use can alleviate the agony of addiction. The need for iphone addiction awareness is important and its authenticity should not be underrated.

Considering both the benefits and the side effects of iPhones as stipulated in the discussion, there is a call to the iphone users as the audience to address the problem. Predominantly, the problem of overdependence on iPhones should be addressed and disputing the fact that is not the primary means for accomplishing errands should be given a greater weight. Finally, before things get out of way and get into more problems, it is required of the iphone users to stop depending on iPhones too much and ensuring that they sustain self control while using them.     

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