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The Hollywood era is dated way back in 1927 when the big five companies formed a film corporate. The film industry was being controlled under one leadership umbrella situated in Hollywood. The establishment of new film industry did not only benefit West Coast but the U.S nation as a whole (Straubhaar et al 2010, p. 195).

The Hollywood’s golden era and success may be credited to the great achievement in the film industry. The Hollywood system reinvigorated the business environment, leading to a paradigm shift in the way business was conducted. The Hollywood Studio system launched its sound and color film and art production. This opened up opportunities for expansion of the film industry to include musical accompaniments in performance, films related to crime, comedies and other film performances (Straubhaar et al 2010, p. 197).

The film and art industry even expanded further with the introduction of color and sound. The Hollywood Studios became more attractive and pulled the interest of more people who were invested in lucrative film and arts industry. The new ideas, creativity and appealing arts revolutionized the film, art and performance industry led by the Hollywood Studio Systems. (Gomery 2005, p. 45). The high desire for sound and color in films from audiences and studios led to the filming of the classic and high standard films.

This era can be understood as a conferred system between artists and the studios. The Hollywood’s golden era, led to the establishment of the new principals and a lifestyle much like during the golden age of Berlin (Straubhaar et al 2010, p. 199). The financial crisis sparked-off the golden age in Hollywood. Paradoxically, while the country was experiencing financial constraints, Hollywood Studio system continued to get more profits (Straubhaar et al 2010, p. 199).

The movie industry thrived due to the fact that movies were cheap. Therefore, many desperate people who were hit with depression found a place to produce their films and consume a variety. It is noted that in 1939, more than 50 million people watched movies once a week (Straubhaar et al 2010, p. 195).

In conclusion, the discoveries and achievements of the Hollywood studio system era paved the way for a product and future that U.S not only wanted, but also anxiously needed. These discoveries coupled with business strategies of the film studios were proven to be successful. Financial resources allowed Hollywood and film industry to become the complex film system it is today.

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