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Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a condition that affects a lot of people in the United States. This condition makes the patients experience a continuous obstruction in airflow, their health deteriorates and their life becomes of poor quality. COPD is a serious challenge to the health care and causes a high rate of mortality, high cost to maintain as well as morbidity across the world (Hanania and Sharafkhaneh, 2011). Home nursing is quite effective in the management of COPD as it helps people to be in a position to manage COPD themselves.

COPD home nursing includes the education of the patients on a number of pulmonary diseases, as well as their medication and also they have to perform a monitor on the functions of the lungs and this shall result optimally in the improvement of the quality of life, as well as reduction on the probability of the patient being admitted. Performing this task in order to produce results requires a nurse who has the knowledge, experience as well as adequate skills on the management of COPD.

For patients with COPD, managing the condition is expensive for the patients or their families. Home care nursing of the patients therefore has a lot of benefits, it provides not only necessary attention and management to the condition, it also provides proper low cost method of the condition management. Thus it will be a preference for a lot of patients. Therefore the home health care agency should put the necessary resources in the home health care program, as this will go a long way in assisting a lot of patients suffering from this condition (Rice, 2001). The home care nurses can be supported by the home health care agency through proper regular training, provision of the necessary equipment and medications, as well as all that is necessary to assist in their delivery of services to the people with the condition.

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