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How is this Term Used in Practice? A one-stop shop is powerful in its application; it enables easy and quick completion of tasks through contact. Customers of this service do not have to move around in the effort to hunt and in order to achieve their goals. It is personalized, accessible and convenient customer service. It does not necessarily mean that a person answering the phone is obliged to provide all the services at once despite the fact that many firms opt for this. One-Stop Shop service in the corporate sector is characterized with the right answers given through the proper channels of protocol and not the agents. For instance, in a phone inquiry, the caller is directed to the right individual to tackle their issue without having to redial or find another channel. Cases of long-term business dealings call for a more permanent approach, where the enquiries are handled by a team or an assigned representative (Khosrowpour 2009). If a certain company consists of multiple agencies, one stop service means that all the needed services are found under the same roof; like in Trade Information Center. This firm carries out its services in one place, Atlanta, housing nineteen agencies.

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Services that are uncoordinated and decentralized do not appeal to customers; this type of service provision works against the reputation of organizations, hence reducing their potential for loyalty from customers. Customers find it boring and time-wasting to receive slow and non-profitable services from poorly coordinated organizations. One-stop-shop services are designed to wipe out this weakness in many organizations so that their services are dynamic and customer centred. This type of service addresses customers in a quality way and provides comfortable access to the firm (Persse 2006). Thus, the organization is set to achieve the desired model of service provision for its customers. The firm realizes vital benefits in efficient allocation of resources, the satisfaction of their customers and efficient operations.

Is it Used as a Strategy and/or Marketing Tool?

One stop shop is a strategy for many organizations, including corporate firms; this strategy is aimed at increasing their service provision. The catalyst towards this is the senior executive leadership in the organizations; this creates a more profound service as well as instigates actions. These actions and visions are, thereby, implemented by the one stop shop system. The initial step begins with information, which is collected, analysed and, consequently, used in support of frontline employees. This system focuses on the customers’ drive in accordance with the one stop shop service goals. The relevant human resources are hired and developed to offer the best services possible. Human resources, in this case, include the employees in the organization, who are driven to offer their best service while working so as to improve the firm’s standards in business. For instance, employees who are diligent and dedicated are known to perform and boost productivity and status. Process management processes, which are efficient in business, are used with the consideration of their customers coming first. Implementing this system results in both customer satisfaction and admired business results (Pinkerton 2003).

Where is it Used (Industries)?

One stop shop is widely use in the industries to enhance their services. This is done in the form of technological advancements in an information system. Industries are vital because of processing and developing a number of commodities; these items need to meet the market standards whatsoever. It, therefore, calls for these industries to improve on their output to sustain their market force. One-stop shop system is applied in the technological sector in industries so that their information is easily managed and analysed (Cheresh 2008).

In industries, data are managed from a central point so that there is easy access to information by the representatives through an automated system. This allows for the proper records of goods to be accounted for references by the administration and other bodies.

How is it Used in Terms of Strategy, Marketing, or as other Tools?

This system is used as a tool in marketing by many organizations. The system is implemented with an aim of achieving better customer recognition and loyalty. Such a one-stop shop system is able to achieve this objective for organizations and agencies.

A number of organizations opt to use technological advancements in the struggle against market competition. Many of their resources have been put in the effort of embracing technological influence. The organizations start from a mild point and develop further in the area; this is usually the second stage after envisioning. These small changes in their system influence the overall service of the organisations. For instance, the introduction of brand new technologies in industries provides easier access to potential customers. This is in relation to the observation of market trends and the behaviour of their commodities in response to the stimuli (El-Reedy 2011). Such actions enable quick resolutions of issues regardless of the distance of the concerned parties. Digital technologies are armed with state-of-the-art software that enables effective communication between the representatives. For example, managers use their computer severs to deliver information to their staff without altering the normal routine of the organization. In cases of urgent matters, new equipment is beneficial as the information is communicated despite the location of the agents.

The use of information support infrastructure is common in industries; databases are vital for references (Hailbronner 2003). Organizations keep their historical data for future references by administrative or auditing bodies in databases. These data are composed of customers’ details and the organisation’s services provided to them. This infrastructure is responsible for the support of one-stop shop system with the use of various applications. The traditional manuals have been replaced with online manuals that provide employees and concerned individuals with information rather swiftly. The advancements are intended to suit the needs of the employees and achieve market satisfaction with the organization.

The need for employees to cater for the customers’ demands is vital in one-stop shop service. Frontline employees are expected to value the customers’ needs above all. It is through human resource management that the benefits of one stop shop service are realized. This is because it is the human population in the organization that answers customers’ questions instead of machines; thus, the employees need to be well-acquitted. In spite of new positions and different job levels, the employees need to take up the role of satisfying the customers. After this goal is achieved, the organization accounts for the procedure through carrying out a check and balance process. Research conducted on one organization showed that the firm had first experimented before choosing to empower its customer service representatives on accounting for the calls they took (Cheresh 2008). The results proved that both the representatives and customers were satisfied with the service and hoped to experience it again.

What are the Attributes when Choosing a Firm either for Legal, Consulting and Accounting Matters?

While choosing a firm to conduct business with, it is imperative that the firm meets certain requirements. In legal terms, the company must have attained a genuine corporate certification. Many firms and organizations have been reported to violate the legal act of business as they lack a satisfactory mandate for business. This is extremely risky because an involvement with such a firm might cause loss of individual assets as the firm ceases its operations (Roome 1998). Many people have fallen victim to dummy companies that offered attractive conditions only to terminate their services prematurely due to no certification. For instance, there are many new bank branches that are being developed but, before choosing any of them, one should understand the terms of the bank and its historical data.

Another critical issue is fully comprehending the terms of the firm. It is vital that, before indulging in business with any firm, the conditions of business in terms of tariffs and accountability be read and understood. Hasty decisions in business result in losses and disappointing outcomes because the terms of services were unknown to the customer. It is crucial that, when choosing which firm to transact with, the terms of service be known and reasonable to the customers. For instance, in insurance, one should understand their rates for the contract period before making an agreement.

In addition, it is vitally essential to observe the market trends of a firm before getting involved with it. This will help in setting proper objectives in profitability and avoid over-expectations where the market force is poor. Many people jump into business without obtaining relevant information on how a firm behaves in the market; thus, they may experience losses later. These trends enable one to discern which firm will benefit them and those that will not (Ganguin 2005).

What Tools are Used Regarding Strategy and Marketing?

In strategy, process management is used in achieving a successful one-stop shop service. It is essential that crucial processes in the firm be determined so that the necessary improvements are made. The organization should be able to effectively manage change by offering attention to human factors.

The vital aspect is the identification of customer needs (Artz 2003). This is done through feedback processes like surveys, complaints, and groups. In this identification, the needs are not only those launched by the customers but also those that are unknown to them too. After the identification, they are to respond to these issues despite their complexity. In other cases, the customers are assigned to groups of representatives who cater to the issues and continue to source for customer complaints and needs.

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