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The nature of SAB core competence depends on acquiring state run breweries which had made enough satisfactory investment and management while advancing it production facilities.

Many organizational watchers expected that China will become a larger market of beer instead of United States from 2005. Many big multinational breweries attacked to China because of its rapid changing size of the market. China had launched its global brand among the highly competitive expansive market of beer that showed five percent of total sales of the country .But labor beer drinkers of China were demanding for higher quality beer. Due to this cost has increased so much that the brewers are being unable to cover the costs. But SABI was only the one brewer which has not been troubled by this problem.

SABI had come into China market because of the invitation given by CRE. The barrow has counted that the beginning work between SABI and CRE was the progress and development of Snowflake brewery in the province of China .Due to this CRE attained a majority fifty five percent leadership of brewery and by this act CREB was established which the joint business enterprise between SABI and CRE is.

One of the key competitive benefits which has been bring out by SABI to the brewery market was its ability to maintain acquisition as well as operating costs low .SAB was also called as the lowest cost quality brewery in the world. 

SABI has made its mind to secure the north east region first, as it has the highest consumption of beer in China. SAB rationale was that they could control the more market share in any region and the region which is not attractive would be to competitors. SAB had then extended this great type of key logic to other regions and made it a base of its core competence.

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