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Starting up a business in nowadays is easy and at the same time hard. One is presented with many opportunities; you can compete in different markets; market your services on so many creative ways never used before. However, there are people already in those markets or about to enter them. The competition is big, and it is still growing. So when you decide to come into the market, you have to do it with a big bang. You have to offer something new at best, or something that has been offered before but with a new twist.  At the same time, it is better to come up with something useful.

For my part the most interesting market for establishing business nowadays is online. With digital world frequently experiencing development spurts, it is no brainer to see that online stores and online services are blooming and have great future ahead of them.  Therefore, I believe that the most promising future for the business can be on the internet.

Starting Up an Online Business Nowadays

I took me quite a while to come up with online business that I think would be interesting for the customers and profitable for many years. And in the end I decided that my business will be an online grocery store.  People spend a lot of time at work these days and I believe the little free time that they have better be spent of family, friends and new experiences.  These days some people have to have couple of jobs to provide for their family, some people have to take long hours just to get by. They have little time for their families and some of them hardly can afford extra hours of sleep.  Creating this website would help this people save a lot of precious time and money spent on gas, to drive to the store. 

Before you go to the store making a list does not always help, you still go beyond it most of the times even thou sometimes you cannot afford it.  All those tempting products just lying there on the shelves in quite strategic places make you buy more than you should have. Other scenario, is  when tired after work you have to go grocery shopping and there is no one you can leave your kids with, so you take them with you. And here is where all the hell breaks loose, kids start whining, some even resort to crying as they are tempted y so many things and want them all.  And then again, you might not be able to afford it, but we all know, it is hard to say no to your kids. However, with this online grocery service you just make a list, go through categories and you are done, no tempting smells or impulsive purchases. One can do a manicure, have some beauty time, and just go shopping online wile nail polish dries.

Now, let us get down to the details. My online shopping services will be more of a discounter store type. It will offer private labels from local supermarkets, also most popular products of each category, so it would be affordable and something that people would purchase and enjoy eating.  It will not  be just supermarkets but also some local stores that are often visited by community of that are  that would be used as a supply of food. So the people would want to eat locally will be able to do so. Customers would also be able to schedule the delivery of food within a week from order time, at any time that would be convenient for them.  Also, the website will be integrated with the customer friendly system. Customers would have to login register all their family members nad the website will start memorizing all the food preferences. For example if the customer goes to the cereal section, the cereal that  he or she ordered for previous 3 times will be at the top of the list. In addition the customer will be able to comment the products, write their experiences, how they taste, how they combine with other products. Little compliment gesture from the company on birthdays of family members and on anniversaries.

The company would charge a small fee of each product, to cover operation costs and have small profit. Ideally profits will be earned not by the means of high markup, but through the expected high turnover rate. As one of the opportunities provided by e commerce, we also expect to install banners on the website from local groceries stores and supermarkets. This kind of advertisement will bring additional income to our company as well as collaboration with some other websites.  It is planned that the business will be established in the state where it will be easier to operate and then it will quickly spread all over the country to occupy the segment of the market.

Competition for this online business would be Wal-mart who makes deliveries of food as well as other grocery retailers that have the option of delivering their products. Our advantage would be that the customers will be able to order their favorite products from different vendors. Which means it will save them not just one trip or several trips. Of course another obstacle would be people without internet or the ones who do not have skills to use the computer.  There always will be people that prefer experience of shopping in the store, walking through the isles.

The domain name I chose for this business if storebythedoor.com, it should be easy to memorize as it rhymes, so it should be catchy. And it makes sense this way as purchases from store are delivered straight to the door.  The motto of our company as well as website “Don’t let the shopping waste your time”.  As indeed by using this service people can have so much  more time to them and spend it on more important things like  family and friends, traveling, trying new  things, or just for so much needed rest.  This is something I have heard a lot about,  from friends and just people I know , that they just mostly sleep and work, and sometimes have  no time to go shopping for food. Also this website will be beneficial for people with limited physical abilities, who have trouble getting around or taking long trips, or require somebody else’s assistance for those purposes. This way they can control what they purchase how much  of it they need, the might even find new things for themselves.

To conclude I would like to say, that I believe that this kind of business has great future ahead as combines both virtual and material worlds. Everybody has got to eat, right? It will be huge time and money saver for people. This will make shopping experience less stressful and time consuming.  If to make it a nationwide experience this should be a wonderful thing, it has a potential to grow into a culture of its own.

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