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The company of choice is Visa Inc. The company connects business, governments, banks and customers in a global technological payment method. The currency has been digitalized by the company in more than 200 countries. There is a range of brands of payment that the company owns. These includes: Visa Electronic, Visa, and Interlink & Plus. Clients are licensed to use the programs of payment. The range of brands of payment offered by the company provides a foundation upon which the clients develop programs. The programs offered are used in accessing debit, credit, and cash paid. Like any other company, Visa Inc. faces problems in accomplishing its objectives in the market.

The whole idea of using visa and smart cards has been very slow to integrate in most countries. Most of the stores in these countries do not have proper equipment that allows the use of these cards. Their computers are not embedded with chips that are free from fraud. Data breach on the course of using credit cards is another serious problem encountered by Visa Inc. This potentially compromises information for the cards. The breach affects the account information for the third party.

An undocumented immigrant worker is another problem that Visa Inc. is encountering presently. These workers are commonly known as short-term guest workers. The company is facing a huge obstacle in enforcing workplace rights for these workers. Having gone beyond its original continental boundaries, the company has not yet set clear rules governing the rights for the workers in terms of wages. This has in turn led to violation of the wage rights for most countries in which it operates.

Problem Statement

Visa Inc is an international company with branches in more than 200 countries. However, it experiences a serious problem that concerns its labor force in various regions of the world. Wages is a factor to consider as far as the living conditions are concerned. With the current economic situations, low wages will not in any way facilitate a better future for Visa Inc. workers. The issue with labor affects many employees of the company. Thus, this tarnishes the reputation of a company that has gone global.

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