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Communication is basically the receiving and sending of messages from one place or person to the other. Communication is a very important tool in the society since it helps to bridge the gap between several individuals and parties in a particular setting. It is also necessary in the cohesive linkage of several people who may otherwise be at very distant places across the world. With the advent and development in technology, the channels of communication has received a number of improvements which are otherwise negative or event positive to the users of the very channel of communication.

Remixes to Channels of Communication

However, several conditions could hinder or interfere with the communication process in one way or the other. Such parameters would include issues like the physical environment, unresponsiveness, stereotyping, honesty and closed mind among others. For purposes of this paper I will discuss the interference from the physical environment only. This interference comes as a result of noise in the immediate environment where the communication is indeed taking place.

Just like the environment puts it that refraction can create some effect to the light system, it is also important to note that the noise in the surrounding may bend the quality of sound being produced when communicating or just to interfere with the concentration of an individual during the writing process. Late in the evening, it is normal to see or perceive the sun as a deep red and larger or less intense than when it looks like during midday. This is as a result of the refraction effect where the rays of the sun are bent to create such an illusion. This phenomenon is very analogous to the effect of noise to the writing and reading system during communication.

All in all the body is structured in a way that it can adapt to the noise in the surrounding through some hormonal transformations in the auditory nerve system where there will be the formation of some substance in the system of the hearing that will keep the noise in the background and generally leave the individual concentrating on actual act on reading and writing as opposed to the common belief in the effect of noise to the channel of the communication.

Should noise occur in a conversation, then the dialogue will be disabled. The sound of the talk should be remixed in order to remix the noise itself. The whole world is pre occupied with the profit driven culture where they are mostly concerned with the fulfillment of their material needs. Noise also destroys and aggravates the whole world into a large vessel of battle field. It is therefore; very important to understand the circumstances bordering the issues of remixing these noise interferences. It is proper to revisit the questions lingering between the meaning, perception, subjectivity, responsibility and the creation of the cultural heritage.

Authoritarianism surely threatens to cause the loss of the human face. In the contemporary society all these are viewed as the creativity that takes on the traditions and the forms that resist against the oppression that is manifold. In understanding the modern history will imply the re imagining of the present through a visit of the past while punctuating it with the future as it progresses the whole human race in the face of the world.


In a nut shell, remix is understood in details to be part of the creation of music. Reading writing through the media enables the view of a world class based on the flow of intersections between words, images and sounds and hence this revises the notions of the act and practice of storytelling.

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