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Cultural relativism is a view that the moral and ethical values are relative to a specific culture, and can only be considered right or wrong based on a particular group of people (Ferraro & Andreatta, 2010). Therefore, what is considered as a good moral practice in one society can be considered immoral in another society. The values and mores that one society or cultural group upholds and orients its members to is different and in real sense may be the opposite what another group believes and advocates for.

Basing the argument on the religious context, one religion can value a particular practice as evil while the other considers it as good and unevil. For example the practice of Jihad (Holy War or Struggle) among the Muslims is viewed as the war against the pagans who are perceived to be the Jews and them that do not profess Islamic faith (Shakir, (n.d.). Muhammad in his book Hadith taught that Holy War was an acceptable and good thing to do and whoever dies in this war was guaranteed paradise. On the other hand this belief among Christians is considered as vice (sin) and strongly sanctioned. In Christianity, the biblical doctrines condemn this very act that is approved and perceived as moral in the Islamic culture (The Holy Bible). Christian culture advocates for love including loving and accommodating one’s adversaries (The Holy Bible).

People who subscribe to the Islamic faith may find no fault in killing through violence since this culture teaches its members that this is a cultural practice. On the contrary, among the Christian community, the act of violence whether justified or not is condemned and sanctioned. Members must embrace their enemies and show them love instead of killing them. This contrast leads to the social construction of the concept of cultural relativism (Ferraro & Andreatta, 2010).

In conclusion, there are many beliefs and practices among societies that can lead to relativism. This results especially in instances where one act is approved by one group but condemned by another.

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