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The indisputable advantage, which attracts tourists from all over the world to the United Arab Emirates, is a sun, shining all the year round, fine service, wonderful malls and the latest technological novelties. The most visited resorts of the Emirates are Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Fujairah. One of the most known and popular resorts around the world is, certainly, Dubai. This beautiful city of the United Arab Emirates annually attracts hundred thousands of tourists from all over the world. The recreation in Dubai makes unforgettable and wonderful impressions. Here it is possible to take pleasure resting on magnificent snow-white beaches, fascinating shopping in the most modern shopping centers, trying excellent Asian cuisine in hundreds of cafes and restaurants and enjoying beautiful views of the unusual city, which harmoniously combine untouched traditions and ultramodern constructions.

Tourists, who decided to spend their holidays in Dubai, will not be disappointed. The great number of tourists, who visited this city once, aspires again and again to come back to this fine city. The rest in Dubai brings a lot of new and bright emotions, which remain in tourists’ memory for whole life. Every minute, you spend in this wonderful Arab city, “becomes the most precious diamond in a memory moneybox”.

Certainly, having so perfectly developed infrastructure and being one of the most popular vacation spots for tourists from all over the world, Dubai should possess a set of comfortable and modern hotels. The hotels of Dubai follow all strict European and international standards and are ready to receive any vacationer — both middle class tourists and millionaires. In hotels of Dubai, there is a top-level service and an absolute comfort, regardless of the star-level of the hotel and the number of zeros in its price.

Tours to Dubai are very eventful and various. Each tour to this Arab city is an excursion, a beach tour and a shop tour at the same time. Therefore, no wonder that the quantity of people, desiring to visit Dubai, is growing with a menacing speed.

In Dubai, there are not enough hotels constructed directly on the coast, but almost from each hotel there are free buses going to the Persian Gulf in the mornings. The best beach is Jumeyra-Beach.

Today, Dubai is considered the most developed city in the United Arab Emirates in every respect. Both the Eastern coloring and the Western luxury and prosperity are combined here. Modern vital standards and refinement of the XXI century exist near the most ancient culture, Islamic traditions and simplicity of the customs of the last centuries. In Dubai, there is the best hotel of the Middle East and Africa, and the most unusual hotel of the world — “Sail”, that is the well-known as Burj-al-Arab. “Sail”, of course, makes unforgettable impressions. Burj-al-Arab is the most beautiful 7-star hotel on the artificial island, which is connected to the city by the bridge. It was spent lots of money and time on the interior furnishing. The building of hotel is constructed in the form of Dow Arab sailing boat, and its height makes 321 meters. It was considered as the highest hotel in the world for 9 years, while one more hotel was constructed in Dubai, which was 12 meters higher. The Rose Tower is the highest hotel in the world for today, and its height is 333 meters.

However, in Dubai the building capable to eclipse the glory of the most popular hotel is under construction at this time. Even being unfinished, it is the highest skyscraper of the world. Its final height is kept in a secret but it is planned to be one kilometer.

Another fantastic project is artificial islands in the Persian Gulf —Palm Jumeirah. Their general plan is similar to a palm branch, and the islands remind the outlines of different continents. It is possible to take a boat and go to the Palm Jumeirah to admire wonderful views and relax. Opposite the hotel “Sail”, a remarkable aqua park “WildWadiWaterPark” is located. It is possible to spend here safely the whole day and do not regret about any minute of the spent time. The park is well-known for its waterslides, where it is possible to slide not only down but up.

The most beautiful place in Dubai is the Bar Dubai, the old embankment, where it is so pleasant to walk at sunset, to sit in one of numerous cafes or to have a boat trip.

The first hotel of the tourist class was opened in 1975 on the picturesque embankment of the gulf Crick. It was called “International” five-star hotel. The beginning of the 1900’s was marked by the beginning of the tourist boom: by the end of the 1900’s there had already been about 300 hotels in Dubai, and the most part of them were of four- and five-star level.

In Dubai, unlike other emirates, the Department of Tourism Development operates very actively and effectively. Only in this state, there is a strict and accurate system of classification of the hotels according to the requirements of the European standards. Hotels annually are certificated and the category is appointed to them. One of main suppliers of tourists to Dubai is Saudi Arabia — 16,6 %, India — 7,7 %, South Africa — 0,5 %, Russia — 3,9 %, Great Britain — 1,0 %. It is necessary to carry out active advertizing campaigns, propagandizing lower summer tariffs for accommodation in popular Dubai hotels, mostly addressed to the “budgetary” tourists.

Dubai authorities decided to develop not only oil branch but tourism. According to their plan, Dubai should be turned into the center of the world business as well as to become the most attractive resort. For this purpose, the authorities of the emirate are ready to surprise the guests daily with unusual projects in the field of the architecture, with developed infrastructure and grandiose entertainments. Dubai also remains the trade center in the United Arab Emirates.

Today, in the Emirate, the largest in the region of the Persian Gulf economic area is Jebel-Ali, where million investments are annually involved. Dubai airport built at the beginning of the 1990’s has two large terminals, though which annually over 10 million people pass. Recently, the Dubai authorities have declared the construction of the second airport, which will be equipped according to the up-to-date techniques.

Dubai strikes with its extraordinary architecture of the hotels and virtuosity of their design. It is necessary to note a prompt development of this resort. Even the most experienced tourist will find an object for admiration here without any efforts.

The tourist industry in Dubai is developing very fast, but the authorities of Dubai thought up how to involve even more tourists to the country. At the coast of Dubai, the locals erected one of the modern wonders of the world — artificial bulk islands in the form of palm trees, which are separated from the sea by the bulk shaft. These islands surprise not only with their size but also with their form — they are made in the form of palm trees. “Palm” islands are stretched on 120 kilometers along the coast and are located at the distance of five kilometers from the continent. From the height, the island looks as a palm tree with 17 branches. According to the plan of the architects, the architectural style is sustained on each of 17 branches. It is planned to construct 80 hotels on the islands, luxurious villas, shopping centers and park with an aquarium. The islands are connected with the continent by small and big bridges.

Palm Jumeirah is the smallest and the most beautiful of three palm trees. Here the hotels and restaurants, entertainment complexes and the most magnificent institutions are constructed. Other two palm trees — Palm Jebel Ali and Palm Deira are only under construction and soon they will also accept numerous vacationers on their beaches. It is necessary to note that the recreation here can be afforded not by poor people. However, all the services are ready to provide here for tourists.

Today “palm” islands are a prospect, but still without them it is offered enough to modern tourists in order that the rest in hotels of Dubai made the brightest and unforgettable impressions for them.

The DubaiInternationalShopping Center is “a place where the representations of the largest trading companies are located, trading exhibitions and an annual international trading festival are held”.

In the territory of all the country archeological excavations are conducted, and the museums of the country burst with luxury and the richest collections. All the cities without an exception can boast of a large number of mosques, many of which are unique masterpieces of the architecture, palaces of emirs and sheikhs, numerous east markets.

Dubai is the world famous center of trade, which is famous for its gold, silk, fish markets and the market of spices. In the market of gold tourists are told about the types of gold and the ways of its processing, and, certainly, you can get magnificent gold ornaments at a very low price. Since ancient times, Arabia has been famous for its spices — incense, myrrh, cinnamon, saffron and many other things are grown here and cover the counters of the spices market in Dubai. The mysterious aroma of the wonderful herbs is brought by the wind from small trading malls and is dissolved in the atmosphere of the mysterious eastern city. It is also fashionable in Dubai to see the most valuable silk, which is so thin that it can be passed through a ring without effort. It is the eastern world of jewelry, having been imported to the other countries since ancient times. An old Fort is also very unusual as well as the markets and museums in Dubai. It is surrounded with ancient buildings, beautiful towers, which attract cool climate and rest. However, there is also an interesting entertainment in this emirate — a wonderful aqua park “Wonderland”. On one part, there are numerous waterslides with abrupt bends and cool water, big and small pools, the small safe town for kids and even the river for those who are tired of continuous rising up and falling down. The other part is devoted to the entertainments. It is possible to ride on roundabouts, see or try a popular roller coaster, do some shooting in a shooting range and play slot machines. The cafes here are open all day and there is a great number of restaurants everywhere.

Dubai is very rich with entertainments. The matter is that it is possible to go directly to the Persian Gulf from this wonderful city, more precisely, from a good yacht-club, to take pleasure in an interesting walk in the open sea and to be engaged in fishing, and then cookers will prepare for you the fish you caught.

It is also important to tell about well-known camel races, a rare and unforgettable show. The camel is the most valuable to the Arabs animal capable to move on the desert in order to become a link between oases. This animal helps a modern person, charming his or her sight and satisfying his or her aspiration to passion.

Many tennis courts, golf clubs, yacht-clubs, ice platforms and skating rinks, football fields and diving centers, aqua parks and shopping centers, sea clubs and entertaining thematic parks are also located in Dubai. There are also kilometers of fine sandy beaches, balneal resorts and thermal springs, beautiful lagoons and palm groves, mountain resorts and picturesque places with lakes and falls. Everyone, who arrived here once in life, will aspire to get to this modern East fairy tale once again.

Dubai will seem a fairy tale to those travelers, who appreciate bright and unforgettable rest. This resort deserves to be named “a tourist paradise” as it is a true embodiment of an ideal rest. This city welcomes all visitors, it is friendly and tender with everybody, and it is ready to give the opportunity to spend the holidays perfectly to everyone. Dubai is the city for the people, who give a priority to a comfortable rest.

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