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Presently, many people are eating fast foods leading to the increase of fast food restaurants. After the beginning of the financial crises, many food prices were rising at an alarming rate. For this reason, this led to increase in living standards. As a result, people had to search for other avenues they could use to make money for purposes of surviving in the economy. This made people busy causing them to lack time to prepare home cooked meals. Therefore, the only opportunity was to eat fast foods because they are easy and fast to prepare. In addition, they are cheap in comparison to the other meals. For these facts, the survey helps in establishing the most suitable fast food restaurant and why. According to many research, fast foods restaurant are growing at an increasing rate due to the increase in demand. In this case, these researches are establishing that fast food companies are developing different products to attract their customers. For example, certain fast foods are preparing healthy fast foods to attract those consumers who are sensitive towards health. However, these researches fail to establish factors that make consumer buy fast foods from certain fast food restaurants. In this case, factors like mistreatment of employees working in the companies. Secondly, the convenience of these fast food restaurant to the customers. Thirdly, the prices of foods sold at these fast foods restaurants. Finally, health implications of these fast foods and measures fast food restaurant are using to ensure health for their consumers. Therefore, the main goal is to establish the fast food restaurant attracting many customers and what factors are leading to these results.

In order to answer this question, establishment of a questionnaire was crucial for gathering information from the participants. In this case, a total of twenty participants were interviewed to gain the data. All the participants interviewed were representing a certain social group to ensure there was no biasness in collecting data. For this reason, ten of the participants were women while the other ten participants were men. Additionally, each social group was separated into two social classes, to ensure there were chances of biasness in the information collected. Therefore, five of the participants from each group were from the high class while the other five were from the low class. The questionnaire contained multiple questions where the participants were supposed to provide answer based on the available choices. It is worth noting that in order to achieve a true representation of opinions from the participants; no names were used for anonymity purposes. The first question was asking about the frequency each participant was eating fast foods in a month. This question was crucial for purposes of establishing how often people on average eat fast foods providing the research with background information. The second question was about the fast food restaurant the participants liked. In this case, the participants were choosing from; Jack in the box, McDonald’s or Burger King. This question was valuable in establishing the fast food restaurants that attract many consumers. The third question was asking the participants to state the reasons that made themlike the fast food company chosen in question two. This question was also crucial because it was answering the question about the factors that led to their decisions. Finally, question four was about whether fast food restaurants should be allowed to use advertisements themselves as having healthy and nutritious. This question was to answer queries raised by critics about distortion of information by these companies during advertising. It is worth noting that questions relating to social class were withheld to avoid victimization of a social class by the society.

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