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Fly fishing is a form of fishing involving the use of an artificial fly. Same as the other kinds of fishing, fly fishing requires a reel and a line (Bailey, 2008). However, the rod used for this is made particularly for fly fishing with the line having a fly attached to its end. Whereas it is taken as a form of sport or a hobby in some states, it is considered an art in others. Fly fishing is different from traditional fishing methods.  This activity often takes place in some of the fantastic and attractive sceneries. These include rivers, valleys, coastlines, and woodland waters.

The scenery of Rivers, nature and Fly Fishing

Some of the greatest flies fishing rivers are located in Montana. It is one of the best places for fly fishing with beautiful scenery and a variety of recreational activities. The rivers to the Northwest of Montana for example have beautiful sceneries of all (Mayer, 2011). The fly fishing locations in these sites are close and interconnected to each other allowing for short drives between the rivers.

The point at which Amazon jungles coincides with the Andes mountain chain forms a great fly fishing destination. This landscape is attractive with beautiful rivers and clear streams of running water flowing through the jungle (Bailey, 2008). Although Montana is also a popular state for fly fishing, this scenery in the jungle remains an absolute site for fly fishing activities. In this scenery, butterflies of various colors flitter in the warm breeze with chirping sounds of birds and animals resounding from the jungle.  Tsimane blends as other fly fishing destinations, is dominated by sight casting, freestone wading, light tackle and light floating and majestic fishing sceneries (Bailey, 2008).

The sceneries and rivers of New Zealand offer the best experience and fly fishing grounds. The mountainous island is found on the latitudes on the south. The island has plenty of crystal clear, unspoiled rivers and lakes that provide conducive and ideal grounds for fly fishing (Romanss, 2010). This makes it peculiarly preferred to other fly fishing points. Contrary to the fly fishing grounds provided by Amazon jungles, the fly fishing scenes of the Nelson Lakes National Park, has unique unspoiled rivers in the area with amazing scenery (Bailey, 2008). This includes mountains, beautiful and plenty of large brown trout. Compared to other sceneries, anglers consider New Zealand fly fishing grounds to be more adventurous.

Several rivers and lakes originate from the mountains and flow from the north towards the south along the west coast that is also very heavily forested (Romanss, 2010). Fish lakes and rivers flowing at fast speeds offer ideal fly fishing waters. Among these include the waters of Brunner and Little Morearaki lakes. The beauty of the long, wide and lazily flowing streams and waters of the major rivers snaking towards the sea on the east coast of the island also offer good grounds for fly fishing within New Zealand fly fishing sceneries (Mayer, 2011).

A comparative evaluation between the fly fishing activities in the waterways along the New Zealand sceneries and the other destinations across the globe illustrates just how fantastic and colorful New Zealand is. The difference and exceptions is that fly fishing in the New Zealand waterways has restrictions (Mayer, 2011). The remote areas that most fans of this activity envy are restricted to the guests in the lodges at the coast. These include Murchison, Lake Taupe, and Motueka River among other waters.


Fly fishing remains an activity that continues to draw many fans across the globe. The waters, natural environment and the unique sceneries that each of the grounds has made the difference between the various points and destinations for this game/activity. Among these others are most preferred to the rest mainly as a result of the unique natural features that each scenery provides.

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