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It is difficult to find more specific cuisine than Korean, which is incompatible with foreign culinary traditions. The most important feature of Korean cuisine is a fantastic sharpness of the dishes. Koreans love to spicy food is quite explainable. The main Korean dish is steamed rice which is very nutritious but insipid. As a result the inventive Koreans created a “dietary supplements” in the basis of which lied the red pepper. Moreover the climatic conditions were not conducive for the long storage. That’s why it was a necessity to “preserve” food of using a grea amount of spices. Now the food with no pepper seems to Koreans inedible. Koreans used to eat very spicy dishes since childhood. Even the sharpest of their dishes they give their children at the age of three. However, while they do not reach the age of five or six years, the mother usually rinsed pieces of food in the water.

Korean cuisine is also known in the world not only because of using the dog’s meat and fern leaves but for its delicious marinates and sharp carrots. Korean has much in common with the Japanese and Chinese cuisine because to frequent cultural and historical exchanges. Koreans as Chinese or Japanese also used pork, eggs, rice, soy, vegetables and fish. But Korea has developed its own unique cuisines. They use a lot of spice for cooking. Soup has an important role in the Koreans diet, any meal can’t be without it. “bulgogi” – the sliced beef fried in brazier is favorite Koreans food. The basis of Koreans food like in many other easten and southeasten Asian peoples form the meal of vegetable origin especially rice. On the basis of rice they cook steamed porridge “bibimbap” which prepared on every Korean dinner.

Another key elements of traditional Korean cuisine are fish and seafood. The rich flora and fauna of Korean peninsula rivers give people equally rich food.

Korean foods are very special, exotic, and particular. Once tried traditional Korean dishes one can discover the new unique flavor of Korea. Korean cuisine is sure to impress even the most avid gourmands!

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