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I believe birthdays are the best days to any young teenager like me. It is the day when one gets the chance to be at the center of everything. On such a day, family and friends bring all kinds of gifts to only one person. I love it when my friends sing a happy birthday song for me and then take me out later during the day. I have enjoyed birthday parties each year since I was a small child, but last year’s party was the best. It was my eighteenth birthday. It was the only day I could not go to sleep, not because of exhaustion, but because of joy and happiness.

My alarm went off at exactly six in the morning. I could not complain because I expected a nice day ahead of me. I opened my window to let in some fresh air, and as I stretched I could hear mom calling from the kitchen. The breakfast was ready. She had cooked my favorite sushi rolls. I was just about to sit down when someone knocked at the door. I rushed to get the door and yippee! My cousin Kelvin was at the door. He was my best friend since childhood. We had not seen each other for about seven years.

The fun had started. We enjoyed breakfast bursting out laughing  and for the next couple of hours I was busy receiving visitors, from my friends in the hood to my extended family. I had never seen such a joyful day that year. Food and drinks were in plenty. After lunch, I went fishing together with all my friends and the fun was immeasurable.

We came back at around four in the afternoon for some snacks. I saw my dad waiting for me at the front door. I had not seen him since morning. It was funny, I never even noticed he was missing.

“There something I want you to see, son!” he called out. “Let’s go to the garage.”

As the door to the garage opened, I could not help but scream at the top of my voice. In front of me was a brand new BMW convertible. It was my dream car. It was also the most expensive gift anyone had bought me so far. I could not wait to get my driving license. It was the happiest day of my life.

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