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I am a Civil Engineer. I graduated last May and earned my B.S. in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Northeastern University. Ever since I can remember I wanted to become an engineer. I wanted to build things and construct something that will endure to all generations. I believe that a Civil Engineer can provide significant contributions to the community. Thus, when I went to college, I was overjoyed by the realization that there is a degree that combines two passions of mine — engineering and environmental protection. Today, I am excited to construct houses and buildings that do not only provide shelter and protection for residents and workers but also structure the environment. I am so happy that I have found an exciting and fulfilling way to earn a living.

Presently I am working in a large family owned construction company. It was founded decades ago. It started as a small operation but now it has become a multi-million dollar business. Although the company is doing very well, I would like to diversify the company. The corporate leaders in the said company made me realize that I am going to be running the company in the near future. Thus, I need to think ahead. Owing to my educational background, I was exposed to different facets of civil engineering, such as new approaches in the development and construction of contemporary designs. The ability to merge engineering and environmental protection is not an easy task. There are still so many things to learn, for instance, the use of Information Technology. Computer-aided design is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to cutting edge technologies that can be incorporated into the management paradigm of the construction company.

After a year of working in the family owned construction company, I realized that there are so many things that I have not yet mastered. I am adept at the engineering aspect of the construction business. However, the management aspect, especially in regards of human resources and accounting, is an area that I find myself lacking skills and competency. My degree in engineering prepared me for the creation and implementation of engineering designs. Nevertheless, when it comes to efficient management of company resources, I feel I need to acquire additional organizational skills. The inability to effectively manage resources can lead to wastage and other inefficiencies. I realize that a mismanaged construction company can lead to poor performance. It is rather difficult to escape the considerable pressure and succeed in any type of endeavor, especially when a relative works in a family owned corporation. I need to prove to the current leaders that I am able to lead the company, and what is even more important, I need to learn how to make the company more profitable than before.

The MBA program offered at the University can help me become an effective leader, businessman and engineer. The MBA program is highly recommended by many business leaders that I have encountered with in my past business dealings. The MBA program can help me strengthen up some of my weak points, especially when it comes to the management of human resources. It is my goal to diversify the company. It will require major changes, such as the type of clientele that the company will handle, as well as the type of projects that the engineers and consultants working under my supervision and guidance will undertake. The goal of diversifying the company will bring with it a host of challenges that I have not yet encountered during my one year stint in the office. I need to be prepared to tackle all the leadership and organizational challenges that will come my way. The MBA program will definitely prepare me to become an effective business leader.

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