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The personal quality, which is very important for me and which is my pride, is an ability to admit my own mistakes.

I consider this quality is of great importance in reaching success in my life and in dealing with other people. Only at once, one can make an impression that there is nothing useful in it. Thanks to this personal quality, I have an ability to control my emotions, to admit my shortcomings, to improve them, and respect the opinion of the other person. However, it is not always simple to admit mistakes. I constantly try to improve myself, to learn to accept criticism and to react on it constructively. Moreover, I am considered to be a self-assured person to know exactly when I am scolded for nothing and when I am attacked for something. I am proud that I possess the ability to keep my pride in control and recognize that I am wrong.

My ability to confess my mistakes is related to my person as it influenced on my personality and cultivated such qualities as self-criticism, politeness and reliability which I apply successfully in my life.

All of us are not ideal. Sometimes, it happens I feel bad; someone offends me or does something very unpleasant to me. And I even do not understand that I have taken offense. I come home and, on any trifle, I shout at the person who is the closest to me — my father, for example. He, in turn, does not understand my behavior. He can have a bad mood, too. And he answers me rudely. As a result, the quarrel takes place.

And who is right in this situation? Who is guilty? On the one hand, the one who began the quarrel is not right. On the other hand, it was not necessary to be rude in reply. It was possible to ask: “What is wrong with you? Did anyone offend you? I love you”.

It seems it is so simple. But it turns out not always.

And only acceptance of my own wrongfulness can assist in making it up and strengthening the relations.

I insist on the word “own”. In this situation, I have to tell: “Daddy, forgive me, please. I was wrong. Something wrong has happened to me. I lost my temper. I did not want to offend you. I need you. I love you”. And the most important here is not bare words, but the sincerity. It is an internal process. I actually have to realize myself — first of all, that I am wrong. I must confess to myself that I have made a mistake. And, in this situation, it is necessary to realize what was incorrect specifically.

The following stage I usually come across is recognition of my own wrongfulness. It is also extremely hard. It is possible to talk much on this subject. But to come and to ask to forgive me for something I have done wrong or I have been mistaken in is very hard for any person. And I am proud I can do that. Exactly this step, to my opinion, helps me greatly to redeem the relations from ruination, from dying trust, and further alienation of people dear to each other.

After I understand where I committed a mistake, I always make the plan of action on my mistake correction. I start actions immediately. Then, I look at the results. If something is not going properly, I revise my action plan again and correct a mistake, and then, I start actions again.

The father, in turn, should understand that he is wrong, too. And he also should ask me forgiveness for his rudeness.

But he cannot do it. He can simply accept apologies. And it will already be good. If the forgiveness is sincere, then the conflict is completely settled.

I am proud that I possess such an important personal quality as the ability to confess my own mistakes and I have an ability to apply it successfully in life situations. And the most necessary, in my opinion, is to digress from the feeling of my own significance and recognize the right of any person to express his/her own opinion.

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