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The club hopes to enhance the interest and knowledge of the students, faculty and staff at ISU in sailing and other wind sports. It also aims at increasing the sailing season from a seasonal practice to a practice that goes on throughout the year in the campus through land yachts, ice boats and other equipment. It also aims at providing skilled and experienced sailors with the opportunity to sail for fun and improve their skills.

This essay explicates the operations of the ISU Sailing and Wind Sports Club and why people might want to become members of the club.

The club is formed by members who include students, the staff, spouses and any other interested person. The club has officers and these positions are limited to the students and staff only. For one to become a member, he must pass the swim test, sign the waiver which states that he assumes the risks involved in joining the club, provide medical insurance information and must also pay his dues, which helps in the running of the club.

Elections are held on first January of every year or any other date considered fit by the members. Meetings are held on Thursday evenings at Snedecor Hall, Room 2113. The business meeting commences at 5:45 while the regular meeting & program begins at 6:00. During the regular meetings, they Discuss issues concerning the sailing club, plan for future events and coordinate the club’s schedules.

The department facilities can only be obtained through the Sports Club storage space in Beyer Hall. However, the supervisor in the Beyer hall is the only person that allows access to these facilities. The Club officers are given the keys to the Club’s locker.

The club is funded by 15% dues and 85% fundraising which helps it finance its daily activities. The organization does not have a specific risk management officer, this is the reason why one has to sign a waiver that by joining the club, he is aware of the risks involved such as blisters, attack by sea animals, dislocation, sprains, and dehydration among other illnesses and assumes all these risks without coercion.

The members of the club struggle to repair the old boats to achieve their goal.

The participants plan to achieve their goal by repairing and maintaining the spoilt boats in order to have more equipment for practicing. Hoffman asserts that by scrubbing and refurbishing the boats, the boats look better, and this reduces the rate of depreciation (3). For instance, the spirit, which had been neglected for a long period was renovated.

The founders intend to increase the members of the club by not restricting the club membership. Seidman affirms that freedom of entry into the program ensures that those with the skills are not be locked out, and this gives everyone an opportunity to exploit their talent (25). It enhances the growth of the club since the members it has, the more dues it collects which enable it to run its activities.

They also intend to conduct fundraising so that the club is able to raise some funds to finance its activities. The dues collected from members may not be adequate to provide the necessary equipment since it only forms 15% of the finds needed. Through the money raised, the club will expand its activities and organize for tournaments with other clubs.

By organizing trips and competition with other sporting institutions, the founders will expose the members of the club to competition hence improving their skills and competence. For instance, the club attended the strictly sail convention in Chicago. This helps to encourage members to work harder and emerge the best in these competitions.

The regular club meetings held on Thursday evenings is meant to update members on the emerging issues and discuss the way forward. It also helps in building unity and cooperation among the members. Through these meetings, they exchange ideas on the best ways to run the club and how to improve their skills. They also intend to post the minutes of their meetings on the club’s web site so that those who do not make it to the meeting can easily be updated.

Why Other People Might Be Interested (Or Not) In Becoming Part Of This Program.

People might be interested in joining the club because it improves ones talent and hobby. Through external competitions such as the VEISHEA parade, the sailors gain exposure by competing with other sailors. For instance, Rob has boosted his skills of sailing through joining the club.

The club is full of adventure and travelling. Some people who like travelling and adventure will be interested in joining this program since it entails a lot of adventure. The sight of different kinds of boats made by the different clubs showing off their skills as the crowds applaud is so fascinating and makes the whole experience interesting.

Apart from improving skills and experience, the program also improves creativity and innovation. The members in this club have to device methods of maintaining their boats, how to decorate the sailboats and also learn to stay with other people. It improves the social life of the members as they learn how to appreciate people from different calibers and help them overcome these weaknesses.

Some people might not be interested in joining the program because of the restrictions for one becoming a member. Hoffman affirms that it is required that one passes the swim test before he can be admitted as a member (2). Those who do not know how to swim are locked out and cannot join. It also requires one to sign a waiver that he admits the risks involved.

The risks involved in joining the group are too many and severe. They include dehydration, sprains and dislocations amongst other diseases. These risks discourage many people as they fear the risk of death.

In conclusion, the sailing club plays a major role in nurturing talents, skills in sailing and is also a source of adventure. Competition with other institution builds courage and determination for perfection as most of them would want to emerge winners.

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