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There are many movies created by different directors. The movie industry is more competitive because each company and director does the marketing of their films. The marketing does not matter a lot but it depends on the quality of the produced movie. The movie should contain some features which make the audience pay attention to the movie. There are some films that do not make the audience participate. The director should include things like hairstyle, lights, and movements among others which make the audience like the movie. There are movies of different categories and they involve different features. The features of each category depend on the audience capture (Goodykoontz and Jacobs, 2011). While producing the movies the directors select the target group first. For example, a romantic movie can not be watched by parents together with their children. Secret Window is a movie produced with different styles and has features that move the audience. The paragraphs below explain more about the characters, styles, and mood created to the audience.


The main actors involved in the film are Morton Rainey (Johnny Depp), Amy Rainy (Maria Bello), John Shooter (John Turturro), and Ted Milner (Timothy Hutton). The film is created and directed by David Koepp and the production designer is Odette Gadoury. The art director of the film is Fred Murphy.

Morton Rainey plays the role of a well-known author who has a psychiatric disorder. He separates from his wife, Amy, after he finds her cheating on him with Ted Milner. He is later confronted by John Shooter who accuses him of plagiarizing his work. Morton dismisses Shooter’s claims but later forges an agreement with him after Shooter demands the end of the story to be fixed. Morton is involved in a number of murders; he kills his wife, her lover, Ted, the private investigator he hired, and his dog Chico. He later finds out that Shooter is merely his own split personality and hopes that the law enforcement never finds him.

Amy Rainy plays the role of Morton’s wife. Morton finds her cheating with Ted Milner and separates from her. She comes back to confirm the divorce arrangement and observes that Morton’s change of behavior might have been caused by his drinking. She is frustrated and uncomfortable with her husband’s behavior. Morton chases her and stabs her in the ankle to stop her from departing.

John Shooter plays the role of a dairy farmer who accuses Morton of copying his work. He gives Morton a three-day ultimatum to make available evidence of that work. It is later revealed that he is a creation of Morton’s imagination.

Ted Milner assumes the role of Amy’s new lover. He arrives when Morton is stabbing Amy. He is ambushed and beheaded with a shovel by Morton.

Lighting in the film has been used to evoke the mood of the characters and their surroundings. The red lighting at the motel parking shows that Morton is stressed and might be going to drink. The lightings show the mood of calm and at times a sense of worry. The bright and colorful lightings bring out hilarity whilst dark colors hint at creepy traits in actors.

The film has a setting for romance and horror. Amy cheats with Ted Milner because her husband, Morton, was not always available for her. She had been abandoned and was lonely. The setting of horror is depicted when Morton commits several murders; he stabs Amy and beheads Ted with a shovel. The movie is set in different times of the day. The location of the movie is in New York. The film depicts a culture of multiple personality disorder.

A costume tells us much about the age, lifestyle, and personality of a character. Morton wore Amy’s bathrobe in most of the scenes. This depicts the romantic feeling he had towards his wife.

Make-up and hairstyle craft looks for the actors in relation to social ranks and occasions. It is used also in changing actors’ physical looks. Amy’s hairstyle and makeup might have revealed her as being randy or lustful.

The term mise-en-scène has been put to place as per this film. The scenes are consistent with each other. They together give a plot of the movie from the beginning up to the end. The film begins when Morton separates from his wife after she cheats on him with Ted Milner. In the course of the film, Morton comes across different people he relates with including his split personality, John Shooter. It finally ends after he kills both his wife and Ted. The scenes do not seem discordant, they have a flow.


The movie is set in a way that many people like. The director used styles that move all the people to watch the film. The directors of all films should be determined to produce high-quality films in order to get the market of the products and make the film serve the purpose. In watching the movie people forget about everything and concentrate on the film. Those experiencing loneliness or stress should watch movies that attract them. On the other hand, watching can make people forget their daily duties and they should be careful while watching in order to avoid wastage of time. In all states, the production and sale of films are regulated to avoid the supply of movies which influences people in adopting irresponsible behavior. The government regulates the production of movies but the directors of all movie production companies should make sure they abide by the rules and regulations governing film production.

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