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I am a tennis player for a long time now, and I have decided to write this letter to you to introduce you to this game so that you can understand the importance of joining me. Just like any other game, a tennis ball game is a good way of utilizing your free time, as it is one of the most common games here in Britain. This game will be helping you in various ways that I am going to mention here. To begin with, Tennis is a great ball game that will enable you to stay healthy as it involves several exercises, especially the cardiovascular ones. For the people who have an extra weight like you, this ball game will assist in cutting the excess weight as you will burn much of your calories. Mentally, you will also develop as well, as it acts as a stimulating game such that your mind will be sharpened by the various tricks that are related to this game. With time, you will discover that you are becoming a quick thinker as the game will always create an opportunity for you to think harder and harder while playing it (Smith, 2004). Several Britons have confessed to gaining a lot both mentally and physically as it is a common game there.

The exercises that are involved with this game are not very tiring, as you will become used after the first few days. Once you become a regular player of this game, we shall be working as a team, and this will improve your way of becoming a team player and how to socialize and work with people. Playing tennis ball game will also create an opportunity for you to deal with people of various characters and how to build rapport with strangers quickly. Tennis is a ball game that one can get involved with starting from hi or her early teenage up to the age of eighty years. It is a long-time game for anyone. This game is more of a mental aspect than physically, thus making one to develop both mentally and physically. I hope that letter will move you and I hope you will join me soonest possible.

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Most of us know that for one to acquire the wealth he or she must be healthy to work hard towards attaining riches. Apart from eating a balanced diet to ensure, our health is all right exercise can also help us a great deal. Sports can help us in keeping fit and maintaining the health that we treasure so much according to several research done in England. When our bodies become weak, we create many opportunities for diseases causing bacteria to enter into our bodies. Apart from maintaining our health through sports, we also acquire good qualities, for instance, practicing healthy competition, working as a team, socializing, and learning from each other’s mistakes and good deeds. If one becomes lucky to work as a sports captain, which is a good chance to acquire leadership qualities that may be of much help in one’s future (Burton, 2008).

For the students who may fear being involved with sports because of forgetting their study work, here is the solution. When the mind is fresh in the morning hours, students can take this chance to study as much as possible. In the evening after the classes, a student can utilize one to two hours in sports when the mind is too tired. This will help one’s mind to be refreshed and create room for more studies. The working people should also do the same, especially in the evening all very early in the morning before their working hours start. Sport has proved to be essential to everyone starting from very young children to old people, especially in England where even the eighty-year-old people get involved in sports.

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