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Allen notes that the architectural practice continues in the inconsistent state of being put in the making of actual, solid material yet using substances of abstract depiction. These depictions include computer simulations, models and drawings, amongst others. This allows the current trends seen in the world of technology. Materials of abstraction continue to be of use since computer technology plays crucial roles in making buildings.

The FOA code plays a functional role, as opposed to a regulatory one. In order to bring the needed functions, the propositions and reflections present represent the attitudes or principles that stand as perceptions of professionals in the academic and the professional arena. Although this code presents work dating back to 1993, the constant evolution of the architectural field calls for revisions.

Schumacher portrays the inner sense of Fordist mass manufacture and the repercussions of the conventional enclosed city’s form. This portrays the bizarre display of decay and desertion in line with commercial investment enclaves. Through the three phases of Fordism’s evolution, Detroit plays a significant role. This means that cities have crucial roles to play in as far as progress in architecture exists.

The MVRDV function-mixer is a way of mixing diverse applications in 3D space by the creation of location plans and urban design proposals. They refer to this as a static master plan. Unfortunately, the mixer’s limitation continues to entice professionals to come up with instruments that will upgrade parametric thinking. This includes placing values for diverse program parameters.

James Corner “Terra Fluxus” is a text that plays a significant role in making the theory of landscape urbanism. Although the binary aspects of landscape urbanism bring cohesion as though they were one word, they are quite distinct. These aspects include practice and phenomenon. Since they bring harmony, even though they are distinct, they portray gray areas in discourse.

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