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This paper is a culinary paper on the study of the Caribbean. It seeks to study the history of the Caribbean plus the many benefits of the same. The Caribbean has greatly sustained many people over the ages and still does the modern times. It has not only benefited human beings but nature and the environment as well.


The Caribbean is located 2000 miles from the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea. It is situated in the Caribbean region, which consists of more than 7000 islands in total. The word the Caribbean itself has many meanings. The Caribbean area is a territory that is well known for its strong cultural and historic connections. Slavery, colonization by European countries, and Caribbean rich plantations are all a part of its history. The Caribbean is centered in the middle of the political, social, and economic groupings of the area. The climate conditions of the Caribbean are not constant all year round but vary from season to season. This is due to tropical rainfall, which varies with the elevation, size, and water currents. This region is known for its trade winds, which blow over the region from the east and thereby creating rainforest and semi-desert areas on the mountain islands. The Caribbean region is very popular for its ability to host large migratory fish, turtles, and the reproduction of coral fish. The deepest part of the Atlantic is located by the northern island in the Caribbean Sea. (Ortis, 1986)

How does the Caribbean Region relate to the Food of the Region?

The Caribbean host many different types of fish and turtles. The habitual food in the Caribbean region is mainly seafood because of the rich Caribbean Sea. The food includes such products as seafood, poultry, and beef which are prepared using native ingredients. The food in the Caribbean is known to not only play a major role in the families’ life of the region but also in the traditions. This happens because each food type represents certain nature or feature of the island. The tradition includes a rich vegetarian aspect of the Caribbean and the traditions of the people who live on the island. There are many different tribes that live in the Caribbean and who hold their traditions in the island dear. These tribes include the Carib Indians, the Arawak Indians, and the habitants who settled on the island later. The settlers were mainly from Spain, Britain, Netherlands, Africa, India, China, and America. The many unique foods that can be found on the Caribbean are the Bonito, which is a semi-sweet potatoes dish; the Jerk, which is made from rubbed spices, mixed with red hot pepper and then applied to lean meat in order to make the meal or the dish. (Mitchner, 1990)

The Evolution of the Regions Cuisine over Time

The original tribes that first settled at the Caribbean were the Carib Indians and Arawak Indians. Evolution saw many more tribes coming from different parts of the world and settling in the Caribbean. This had an effect on the traditions of the Caribbean people. This occurred because the other tribes brought their cultures and traditions which have all accommodated in the present Caribbean region. In what way did this migration affect the cuisine? The migration has largely affected the cuisine by adapting many cuisine ideas, ideals and traditions. These were from many different cultures such as the Spanish, American, African, Indian, Dutch and other. However, the original Caribbean culture was preserved. It was based on farming, trading with others, etc. The culture has also influenced the religion, the artistic nature, the singing, the dancing, the way of thinking and in addition the type of food that is very special on the Caribbean islands. (Roots, 2009)

What is the Modern Cuisine of the Region?

The modern cuisine of the region has seen many changes in different aspects and perspectives in the region. The cooking moved from the old traditional style to new modern styles, which attracted many tourists to the region thanks to the use of indigenous ingredients that grow in the region. These ingredients are mixed with traditional foods to make delicious mouth-watering dishes.

What can one find in the kitchens and the Eating Establishments in this Region?

The food that one can find in the many kitchens and eating establishments at the Caribbean are the tomatoes-based stew, African cuisine, American cuisine, British cuisine, French cuisine, Dutch cuisine, Indian cuisine and Chinese cuisine. The tomatoes-based stew is made from goat meat, pawpaw and breadfruit. (Wendy, 2006). Another common food that can be found in the kitchens and the eating establishments in the Caribbean is the cook up dish which is cooked of meat, chicken, beef, pigeon peas and vegetables. Colabo is also a very common and popular dish in the Caribbean region. It contains leafy vegetables. Black cake is often served as a dessert in cafes and restaurants in the Caribbean region. Another common Caribbean food is the Ackee. These sausages are made from pig’s blood and peppers. It is commonly served with a pork dish. Black pudding can also be included in the Caribbean food list to complete it. Many other dishes and foods can only be found in the Caribbean region. This has prompted the food industry to higher heights. Many tourists who travel to the Caribbean are not only amazed by the delicious cuisines but are also mesmerized by the sites, culture, and traditions of the Caribbean region.


This paper has not only carried detailed research of the Caribbean area but has also outlined the most common and popular foods in the Caribbean. The Caribbean region is rich in its history, culture, vegetation, farming methods, art and in its cuisine. The Caribbean is therefore popular for the reasons mentioned in this paper and many others.

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