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This time capsule contains my daily activities, the cultural values, artifacts, morals, and my ideas of happiness in the present generation. Without doubt, the future generation will be different from the present in that many changes will have taken place. Presently, my life involves going to attending lectures in school, doing assignments, researching, cooking and washing. I also spend time with my family and friends. Despite many challenges, life is much easier than it was in the past because of the new technology and environmental changes. I foresee a future in which a cure for HIV/AIDS and free from corruption, poverty, crime, racism, ethnicity, and political wrangles.

In the contemporary life, there are many instances that require people to make the right decisions and uphold morality. Because, marriage is highly regarded, there are certain cultural procedures that should be followed in such a situation For example, in a situation where one has to decide on whom to marry, moral uprightness is also essential. There are certain social expectations of any individual intending to marry, for instance, informing the family about the issue.

In this generation, people value happiness and can strive to achieve it at all costs. Happiness involves a stress free life where there is a lot of joy and peace in one’s heart. Some of the ways in which people can make themselves happy include hanging out with family and friends, holding a high position in an organization, helping others, running a viable business, meeting all the personal needs, swimming, dancing, attending parties, and being close to the loved ones. Appreciation, respect, peace, and good health are other sources of happiness among members of the society.

One of the artifacts used in this time capsule is a poem called “Earth” set in Afghanistan by Partaw Naderi. This is one of the numerous war poems set in war-torn countries such as Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan. In the poem, the poet talks about the sorrowful state in which the citizens are due to fighting. The poet also demonstrates his wishes for peace and victory in the country as many lives, properties and resources have been lost. This poem talks about Afghanistan as a grief stricken area where people do not know peace (Eggener, 2003).

It is important that the poem is kept as one of the contents of the time capsule. This is because it will be very resourceful material for the future generations about the history of Afghanistan. This will remind the future generations of what their forefathers went through before the attainment of peace in the country. It will also be a motivation to the future people to uphold peace because wars are very destructive.

In addition, this time capsule contains a flower vase from Toledo Architectural artifacts. This is one of the breath-taking artifacts designed by the company in the United States. The flower vase is made of carved wood and it is selling well in the country. Besides, the vase can be used either in the house or outside the house, as it makes the place appear very beautiful (Osband, 2003).

The significance of the artifact in the time capsule is that it will inform the future generations of the past architectural designs (Osband, 2003). Additionally, it is highly resourceful in that it demonstrates the artistic skills that their forefathers had. Moreover, it is highly instrumental in motivating the future generation towards preservation of such antiques and skills. It is appropriate to use the vase as it a representation of the attractive and inspiring skills of the Toledo architects.

Pop music by Michael Jackson is another content of the time capsule. Popular music is a type of music that is commercially produced with the youth as the main target. They consists simple short songs that use technological discoveries to produce new pieces on the old themes. This is a genre of music that is related to rock and has been greatly influenced by other popular music. The genre has been present since 1920s when it got its term popular, music (Hartley, 2003).

Michael Jackson’s songs are a typical example of the renowned pop music in the world today. Imperatively, Michael Jackson’s songs are very appropriate as they clearly demonstrate today’s culture in the society. His music is an indication that today’s youth’s love for technology and music. In the contemporary society, most of the youth spend their time in clubs or their rooms drinking and dancing to Michael Jackson’s songs. Some of these songs include Thriller, Black or White, and Build the World.

More so, there is a film in the time capsule about the Nike angry chicken. This is a short summer film used by Nike to advertise its sports footwear. In the film, an African-American is seen running away from an enraged chicken. Although it used as an advert by Nike, it is so influential in attracting many customers to the buy its products. The fact that the man manages to outrun the chicken and safes himself its attack demonstrates the effectiveness of the Nike footwear.

This artifact is a suitable thing to keep in the time capsule as it demonstrates the experiences that the African-American is going through as a result of its encounter with the French nationalities. The artifact will enable the future generation to know the effects of the African-American migration to France (Hartley, 2003). The black man being chased by the chicken represents the African-American who seeks to live among the French. The chicken, on the other hand, symbolizes the French greedy middle class individuals.

Lastly, the time capsule is contains fad as one of the popular culture artifact. Fad is a temporary notion, fashion, or manner of doing things that is started by a large group of people and is swiftly adopted by many other people because it is seen as unique (Browne, 2005). Nevertheless, the behavior fades away when it loses its appeal on the people. In this time capsule, the girl’s manner of dressing in tight jeans is a perfect example.

It is an appropriate example because it will provide an opportunity to the future generations to compare their fads and the old ones. The idea of wearing tight jeans is an indication of the girls’ desire for fashion in the market. It also depicts the kind of skills that fashion designers possess today. These skills can act as a motivation to the future designers as they will want to compare their competencies with the present designers.

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