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Travelling is what interests me most of all. So far, I have being able to tour several regions in the world, including Germany, France, and Portugal where I was elated to get a firsthand experience of many historical sites, such as the Berlin Wall, Eiffel tower, Louvre Museum, Belem Tower, etc. Travelling is essential because it enables a person to encounter new cultures, make new friends, and relieve stress, as it is a form of recreation activity. Travelling interests me so much because of all the colorful experiences that I gain while visiting various historical sites in the most different corners of the world. This forms the main reason why other people can be interested in travelling too. Thus, this paper explicates what my hobby is and how it can fascinate other people.

Travelling can be breathtaking because it enables a person to go where one has never been before and see things one could only imagine earlier. For instance, my passion for travelling facilitated me to experience the beauty of several places, including EiffelTower and LouvreMuseum in France, BelemTower in Lisbon, and the site that initially represented the Berlin Wall in Germany. Besides visiting new places, a person encounters new cultures and thus, firsthand experience regarding their traditions. Lastly, travelling is essential because it relieves stress. This is because travelling couples as a recreational activity through site viewing.

I like travelling because, in many cases, I use air transport, which is faster and safer to some extent. In addition, it enables me to reach my destination faster, which means I have enough time to tour around. I also like travelling as it enables me to make more friends. Notably, I was able to make several friends when I toured France, Germany, and Portugal and I still keep in touch with them communicating via popular social networks. Thus, travelling can interest other people through making new friends and encountering new cultures. In addition, travelling can interest people that have stress from work because it acts as a recreational activity.

In conclusion, my hobby is travelling. I have managed to tour several countries around the globe, including Germany, France, and Portugal. This enabled me to encounter new cultures and view some historical sites. Thus, other people can also benefit from this kind of hobby because they will get to enrich themselves by making new friends and getting to know other cultures.

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