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Nursing Leadership

The success of any particular health institution is largely dependent on the competency of the nurses. Let’s face the face, doctors may be considered superior in the health sector in some circles but the truth is that nurses are equally if not more important. We all know of Florence Nightingale who epitomized the real role and selfless acts of a nurse. Recent years have seen nursing professionals also seek to take leadership positions in the ‘New Age’ dispensation that has come in the 21st century.

The role of nurses as just meeting the needs of the physicians and their patients was long expected to change. (Ashley, 1976) Wrote that with the advent of time, the nursing profession was expected to change their role and their attitudes in order to combine the anticipations of not only their patients but also those of the whole public in general. It is worth noticing that since these ‘prophecies’ of Jo Ann, the nursing profession has gone ahead and produced leaders in all walks of life including in academies, legislative, and most importantly in health organizations where their expertise and leadership are most needed.

Nursing leadership in the modern world has surpassed the anticipations of the public. In as much as Florence Nightingale, selfless deeds during the world wars showed how passionate and caring nurses are, it has taken more to prove to the world the competencies of nursing leadership. Margaret Sanger who was a health nursing in the region of Brooklyn probably represents a large number of nurses who even risked jail because of her advocacy and role as a true leader.


In conclusion, the 21st century is characterized by a public that no longer has the male chauvinism of yester years. Male nurses are increasing in numbers day in day out meaning that nursing is no longer associated with the female gender. This has also opened up the world to the reality that nurses are competent professionals with exceptional leadership qualities. It is upon the nurses to show aggressiveness in fighting for the leadership positions in all sectors to prove their mettle.

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