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Depression in Texas in the 1920’s was brought about by or occurred in bankruptcy in the marketing of goods and state’s banking system failure and the rumble became ruined back in the Twenties. People who profited in this business growth and had the advantage of some mortgages as their default. Since there was inadequate and shortage and poor economy, the banks were desperately in need of finances. The economy in Texas collapsed and led to insufficient employment opportunity and in the housing sector. The department in the government under housing market, involved their selves in the saving the private housing market through introducing of the long term home mortgages finances to the state.

The people in Texas wanted change and they came to an agreement to change their leader. The government ended up introducing laws that will help in reviving the economy of the country such as; the laws helped farmers’ crop production, mostly in the cotton production, such that lower output, greater the cost of the output. Government also improved in the unemployment rates through establishment of unemployment insurance to protect those who lost their jobs. Moreover, the government introduced a law that helped in the repairing of roads, schools, hospitals, air ports and playing grounds which in turn offered employment to millions of Texas citizens.

Bonnie and Clyde were there during the depression and went on over the decades in the historical and cultural ways; they became famous since people felt the capitalistic since they had abused the business and the government officials.

The new deal causes effect in the city of Texas in the following way such as, emergency banking Act, economy Act, and agricultural adjustment Act. The new deal helped in the development of the economy in Texas and in the improvement of lowering depression in Texas. In the case of the Agricultural Adjustment Administration (AAA), faces challenges since it is presentable to the government federals.

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