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Today organizations have maximized on giving quality attention to their workforce due to the current nature of firms in the recent business environment. It has become very vital for the organizations to get involved in the service sector that caters for the employees to keep them effective. In order to sustain competitiveness, organizations set out tactics that utilize their resources rationally. Commonly, organizations rely on their workforce. In an organization, the human resource management focuses on the recruitment and management of the workforce. Commonly, it is executed by a procession of managers, who direct the people working for the organization. Human resource management functions as a body in the organization that caters for the services delivered to the personnel. It deals with issues such as organization development, hiring, administration, benefits, workforce motivation, compensation, training, and communication.

In multinational organizations such as Target, human resource management is built up to attend to the employees’ needs. The existence of the organization entirely depends on the workforce. The workforce requires motivation in order to labor effectively. An incentive such as wage raise motivates the employees to become efficient. Target organization invests handsomely in its personnel. It realizes the importance of the employees’ regular training. In reference to the radical changes in the global trend, employees in the multinational companies need to be well acquainted with issues such as innovative technology. Therefore, Target Company emphasizes regular trainings and workshops in order to survive in the competitive business environment. Naturally, an effective human resource department encourages workforce effective contribution to the growth of the company.

Trained employees have the capability to offer the organization innovative ideas in order to upgrade production. The personnel should contribute efficiently and industriously to the accomplishment of the organization’s goals and objectives. Moreover, the Human Resource Department ensures that the workforce is liberated from strain. The employees could suffer from hassle, when people are limited in the organization. The human resource management is obligated to hire more people to avoid overloading the workforce. This department should be strategic to ensure a friendly working environment (Armstrong, 2012). Still, it should manage the workforce and the workplace customs. Culturally, every organization upholds certain beliefs, values, attitudes, assumptions, and behaviors. Therefore, recruits are oriented on these issues by the human resource management in the company.

Multinational companies such as Target build up culture through setting up rules that govern them in the workplace. Human resource management ensures that there is a configuration of the management’s aims with that of the people policies. In the modern human resource practices, human resource approach should align with the organization’s goals. Therefore, Human Resource Department ceased being viewed as an accessory to the organization. Currently, it is a vital organ in the multinational organizations. It significantly contributes to the success of the firms through providing sense of direction and purpose.

Traditionally, the Human Resource Department was solely obligated to administrative duties. The modern human resource practices are immensely involved in other functions such as marketing and production. Multinational firms should take the human resource management policies seriously. The training needs of the workforce in a company should be met strategically by the human resource management. An organization would incur a significant lose through engaging in automatic trainings on omnibus topics. The company would stand to lose time, funds spent on the mechanical training and sense of direction. Therefore, multinational companies such as Target invest maximally in the human resource management policies.

General workforce relationship is encapsulated in the Human Resource Department. These relations in the organization create mutual agreements that build up trade unions. Moreover, these relations upgrade employees’ communication and rendezvous. In numerous multinational companies, there has been an increased growth in personnel diversity. Diversity in the firms has led to the radical changes in the human resource practices and policies. The Human Resource Department is expected to cater for the needs of all the employees despite the miscellany.

Consequently, human resource management has become a great challenge in the recent moment. It is the obligation of the human resource management to sustain workforce relations. Healthy workforce relations in an organization provide a responsive workplace environment. The greatest challenge that the managers face is the inevitable conflicts in the organizations. Various workforce relations strategies have been built up to curb these vices in the organizations. Personnel relationships are vital in a competitive organization. The tactics that are developed characterize the objectives of the firm to sustain its relationships with the staff and other firms. Commonly, human resource management invests in the workforce relationships in order to ensure that there is the maximum contribution from the employees. The strategies aspire to enhance the quality of the workforce management and guarantee their involvement and unremitting improvement.

Establishing and sustaining relationships within an organization require the skills that aim at conflict management and interpersonal communication. The policies and practices developed by human resource management should accommodate the diversity of the personnel. Clearly, sustaining a healthy relationship in a diverse workforce is challenging. The managers should develop the skill to understand the psychology of every employee in order to build up tolerance. Initially, they should appreciate every employee based on the individual’s nature. Although it has become challenging, deterioration of workforce relations can cause high abrasion rate in the organization. Professionally, people in the organization should improve skills such as communication, listening, acceptability, decision-making, and conflict management. The managers should reload these skills often in order to maximize output from the employees. In multinational organizations, the supervisors focus on developing these skills to strategically resolve conflicts among the employees or amid the organization and the employees.

Organizations build up the strategy of rewarding the employees to motivate them. This reward system should be accompanied by intensified communication to make it worthwhile. It should be an effective tool to encourage them in boosting the business for the organization. In the multinational firms, employees are the assets that managers labor to sustain. Sustaining relationships amid the employees and the employer is an effective tactic for future. The organization should not solely focus on maximizing business transactions for present. The reward and recognition system involve transactions such as recognizing the employees’ efforts, gratifying their needs, granting them monetary and non-monetary incentive. This exercise builds up a workforce that contributes to the success of the organization. The employer advances the employees’ morale by recognizing their efforts. An organization that has a motivated workforce realizes a promising future. Evidently, workforce is the greatest causative factor to the success of organizations. The executive management requires the employees in order to achieve the organization’s goals and objectives.

On the other hand, the human resource management needs to discern the procedure of rewarding the employees. Initially, the company implements policies and procedures while creating the reward system. The organization should maintain transparency and accountability when awarding the employees. Commonly, organizations are prone to corruption. Human Resource Department should ensure that employees are granted rewards based on their efforts. The managers engage in thorough assessment of the duties and responsibilities performed by the employees. The reward system should be coordinated with the goals, vision, and mission of the organization. In multinational companies, monetary rewards include wage raise, holiday trips, allowances, incentives, cash bonuses, free health check-ups, and movie tickets. In these organizations, the reward system is rationally implemented, and ensures broad-based monetary compensation. Moreover, the organizations offer non-monetary rewards such as trophies, letters of appreciation, certificates, membership of recreation clubs, promotion, tie-pins, and diaries.

Multinational firms have discerned the significance of combining monetary and non-monetary rewards. They lure the personnel to perform tremendously throughout. They enable the employees in unleashing the potential within them. Still, monetary and non-monetary rewards improve the relationship between the employers and the employees. Moreover, it creates healthy and competitive relationship among the employees. Currently, the radical changes in the organizations that have modified the phase of human resource management have greatly benefited the employees. Furthermore, this strategy has boosted business in the organizations due to the increased efficiency of the workforce. Based on my point of view, workforce is the most vital element in any organization. People’s effort significantly contributes to the tremendous growth of any organization, regardless of its extent. Still, sustaining healthy relationships among the employees or amid the employees and the organization catalyzes goals’ achievement.

Human Resources Management and Employee Relations Issues at Target and Management’s Effectiveness at Resolving these Issues

Sustaining a strong employee relation in Target Corporation is a pre-requisite for administrative success. Strong worker relations are essential for high efficiency besides human satisfaction. Employee relations normally deal with circumventing and deciding issues regarding personalities, which might rise out of effect or the work situation. Sturdy worker relation is contingent upon good and safe labor atmosphere. The total participation and obligation of all workers, motivations for employee, besides operative communication scheme in Target is also contemplation. Healthy worker relations are primary to extra competency, inspiration to the employees, which in advance lead to escalation in sales level. Good employee relation indicates that workers ought to feel constructive about their distinctiveness, occupation as well as about being a part of such a great organization. Notwithstanding the position of sturdy and healthy worker relations, there are situations in the life of Target Corporation when workers and management relations are hindered. Instances of such situations are so common in the firm and must be dealt with by the management.

For instance, when the workers do not act as per putative norms of behavior, it is known as employee recalcitrance. Nonattendance, change in employee’s behavior, slow performance and complaints are all the procedures of worker indiscipline. Accordingly, when the employees do not meet expectations in terms of regular performance and behavior, it is mentioned as rowdiness. In such circumstances, it must be guaranteed by the organization that stages should be taken so that worker’s behavior is in convention with the administrative prospects. Correspondingly, the workers also presume from the human resource to deliver them a harmless working atmosphere. The human resource also offers fair conduct, appropriate incentives, contribution to results and needs gratification. The disappointment of the human resource to meet these prospects is labeled as employee grievance. When the workers nose-dive to encounter their own potentials whether in terms of special objectives, career aims, performance and self-respect, it is known as employee anxiety. It is caused by extreme job, scarce assignment, peer pressure and perverse use of power by the management. The human resource may fail to promote individuals in the prospects due the nature of job, which also leads to employee stress. All these organizational factors influence employees relations in Target Corporation and must be prudently embarked upon. A positive method to strengthen punitive values entrenched on collective norms of workers has been adopted by Target Corporation. An operative protest redressal scheme has also been supportive in addressing the task in the firm. Stress management policies must be trailed in Target Corporation.

The human resource management is a broad field to dwell on. It offers Target Corporation a wide opportunity to manage the company in the special way possible. For instance, the human resource manager controls the growth and application of human resources programs and strategies for dispensed departmental business (Smith & Mazin, 2011). The accountabilities of the human resource manager encompass conducting undertakings to support the approaches. They also involve platforms that count the associate’s employment, reimbursement, performance appraisals and job appraisal. The human resource manager also gives the job descriptions as well as their benefits counting annual registration and organizational development of Target Corporation. Target Corporation’s human resource also involves the favorable action, equal employment opportunities as well as protest investigation.

The human resources at Target also explore and determine the workers’ gripes and conflicts in the workplace. They advise the executives concerning employee relations matters, supplementing in passivity with significant service laws and regulations. Target’s human resource management gives the tenacity of conflicts which may arise in the organization. The HR management at Target creates links with leaders to exhaust the possibilities the administrative structure. This enables them to meet the requirements of companions besides customers. The HR controls talent and duties, such as rising sequence plans besides controlling career counseling. It is complemented by the routine appraisal, skills account, and other progressive needs. The HR at Target Corporation conducts the exploration of data for the valuation of the programs that are fixed. The main theme in Target is to understand the roles and responsibilities in their matrix environment. Their extra task also comprises of preparing the HR correlated reports as requested by the company. Target Corporation also ensures the HR performs its other duties as expected by the company.

The human resource management in such a big company as Target ensures perfection in its work. This is due to the good image of the company worldwide. Therefore, the company would not risk tarnishing their image in public. It is evident that the HR controls all the recruitment activities in Target as well as other companies. It makes the human resource management at Target handle the task with a lot of care as it is required by the international standards. The employee relation of the HR and the other members of staff at Target work together and have seen the progress of the company up to date. Target Corporation began as a minor company some years back but has witnessed a wide expansion over years. It proves the positive inclination of the HR management resources in the Corporation as well as the good employee relation with the human resource management.

Target Corporation considers the HR’s auxiliary necessities such as knowledge of the business, work background and progression. The progressive knowledge of human resources possesses in-depth consideration of the association. The corporation also manages to handle arising problems among the various employees. The HR management at Target Corporation issues information and consideration of the methodical areas, which are concluded through experience. The human resource management at Target should also have sturdy management, which influences the ability of all the members completely at all levels. Some of the crucial values needed include a strong relational, communication, cooperation, and organization. The implementation skills are also included alongside a strong written and verbal communication. It goes hand in hand with strong management skills in the company as the main objective.

Several matters associated with employee relations are trepidations in international situations like Target Corporation. Health and safety are matters of focus to employees overseas, and security is a very problematic subject in definite parts of the world. The nature of labor unions besides labor laws becomes a significant variable for directors from other countries. For example, such a situation becomes complicated when handling host-country state workers. Maintaining the emigrant worker in a universal position given the latent difficulties deserves attention. For instance, safety and health regulations vary in several states vacillating from practically imaginary to more rigid ones. The distinction positioned in the office security varies among diverse countries. With more emigrants working for Target, specifically in some of the less-developed republics, momentous well-being and security issues are crucial. The responsibility of solving such matters is one of the HR roles. For instance, in several regions of the initially Soviet Union, health facilities are more nascent, treatment is not readily accessible, and medications are less easily achieved. Target expatriates traveling to such states as Turkmenistan and Tajikistanregularly take antibiotics, other prescriptions, syringes plus needles with it in event they require them.

Similar applies are suggested for those traveling or employed in certain African and lesser-developed Asian nations, including China. Additionally, provision of substitute and evacuation amenities is also important. For example, Target offers the HR with the strategy on how to relinquish besides care for an emigrant worker who endures interior injuries in a car accident in Ukraine or Sierra Leone might be a major problem.

Target Corporation buys analysis for their international employees from an association that offers emergency services. Such organizations include International SOS, Global Assistance Network, or U.S. Assist. To practice such a facility, a company wages and affiliation fee for every worker. All worker travelers are given emergency interaction numbers. If a crisis arises, the emergency facilities company will post doctors or even transport workers by leased airplane. If sufficient health assistance is acquired locally, the substitute amenities company preserves a recommendation list. Target Corporation will make preparations for the expatriate to obtain treatment. Legal counsel in Target Corporation’s HR department, emergency cash for health expenditures are provided by emergency firms. It also includes support in repossessing lost booklets or having them redistributed.

The menace of terrorist actions against Target Corporation and the staffs upsurges daily. For instance, the Target U.S.A. residents are susceptible to blackmails, abduction, blasting, physical harassment, plus other terroristic actions. Many of these actions besiege the company’s facilities and headquarters. The human resource management at Target Corporation provides guardians who chaperon managers universally. Diverse routes of transport are used, so that “normal” outlines of undertaking are tough for terrorists to detect. Family members of staffs also receive teaching in security issues from Target Corporation. To larger extents, the children of the company’s employees are advised to avoid wearing sweatshirts with U.S. logos (Burgess & Connell, 2006). The firm’s is taking action on security matters with the help of the HR as well as taking other arrangements. For instance, Target Corporation at one time detached its huge symbols from amenities in Latin American countries. The removal of signs recognizing headquarters and accommodations diminishes the discernibility of the firm. Thus, this gesture moderates its prospective as a mark for terroristic acts. All the Target Corporation firms screen entry by all workers, and use metallic sensors to probe all packages, briefcases, and other items. The firm has also instigated other corporeal barricades, such as iron security boundaries, concrete barriers, bulletproof glass, and automated surveillance devices.

In conclusion, the effectiveness of human resource management at Target Corporation is doing a good job. This is evident in the Human Resource Department maintains the health of the workers, ensuring their security alongside health status. This is a company where many people wish to work for in the prospect. The employee relation to the human resource is also very crucial and basic in any organization. Target has managed to maintain the good relationship and kept it at par. With such necessary amenities available, the Corporation expects many external investors to invest heavily since there is no risk of getting more. Target Corporation is a good company with hardworking employees, which makes the company successful.

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