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The values and lifestyles of European consumers differ from those of consumers in the United States in different ways. There are differences due to cultural diversities. One of the main differences between European and American consumers is how they perceive time and space. For example, Europeans would consider 100 km a long drive, but Americans do not. European stores are much smaller than American malls. European consumers look like they are short of space because of their overpopulation. There are also a lot of differences in food. Europeans eat less junk food, and they tend to be specialized with their traditional dishes. French consumers spend larger amount for gourmet meals. Research asserts that due to their close location to other European countries European consumers travel more widely than American ones (Harel, 2010).

European consumers are accustomed to taking longer vocations than American consumers. Initially, Disney Resort Paris did not reduce admission fee on holidays. Euro Disney`s restaurants did not appeal tourists and visitors, though they were built in American style. Most Europeans consider American style restaurants as unique and unusual, but Euro Disney`s restaurants did not fit into this format. Besides, there were long lines in the restaurants, what was very inconvenient for visitors. An alcohol-free policy, which was provided in Euro Disney, frustrated customers. France is traditionally famous for its wines, and it looks ridiculous for most visitors not to serve wine in the Euro Disney`s restaurants. Though, initially, the French did not want American culture to influence their life-style, it is evident that they are likely to adapt a lot from American culture, which attracts many visitors from all over the world. Euro Disney is a vivid example of this process. American culture and life-style have influenced European countries, though there are still many differences. In common, European consumers are often seen to be much more liberal because of their traditions and culture.

Research asserts that the park Euro Disney was on the edge of bankruptcy in 1994, what led to new strategies in order to survive and increase its revenues (Koranteng, 2001). Euro Disney failed in many aspects due to its marketing strategies. When company changed its name into Disneyland Resort Paris, it has changed its marketing strategies. For example, it has reduced prices to the trains and airline tickets. It placed representatives all over the world in order to attract more visitors. The park has reduced hotel rates, as well as prices during the winter season. It has also revised its non-alcohol policy. All these new strategies attract more visitors to Disneyland Resort Paris. New strategies were adapted according with lifestyle of the visitors from other countries. Hotel accommodations attract more consumers, where they can find lower rates for rooms and affordable prices in the hotel restaurants with. Wine and beer are allowed to be served in all cafes and restaurants.

A large proportion of Disneyland Resort Paris visitors come from Spain and Latin America. A new target marketing strategy aimed at the Spanish and Latin America may be rather beneficial to attract more visitors from these countries. Discount air flight tickets give an opportunity for Latin Americans to visit Disneyland Resort Paris more often. The cheaper air flights during winter months that could be offered for tourists from Latin America can involve more visitors. Spanish visitors may use the rail network, which can compete now with air travel and motorway. Adapting targeting strategies to individual consumers from these countries will generate the bigger amount of consumers. Creating the best package holidays` tours for visitors from Latin America and Spain, Disney Resort Paris will gain the reputation of preferable place to visit.

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