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Oasis Water Company is one of the most renowned and respected companies in the heart of Dubai engaged in production and distribution of clear water and coolers. It has been acknowledged for being the best of its kind in the market due to the lasting quality it has provided to its customers for over two decades. It is branded to have been one of the first companies to be enduring associates of the UAE and participants of the International Bottled Water Association. Furthermore, it was the first company to introduce five-gallon water bottles into the market that revealed high standards of hygiene and quality. Over the years, Oasis has proved to not only offer satisfactory products and services but also gained recognition as the leading bottled water provider.

Marketing Environment.Research shows that Oasis Water Company has a favorable marketing environment judging from various relevant factors, such as the economic and political stability of the country, which reinforces and ensures growth and development of companies (Armstrong, 2009). The company has also done well in terms of social environment by continuing to offer quality services. It has also participated in significant social events, such as a campaign for availability of water in Africa. Oasis has been one of the sponsors of the famous rugby sevens. Unlike other companies, it has used technology to its advancement by enabling a twenty-four hour call center system that allows it to receive feedback and take orders from customers

Oasis Water Company’s internal environment may also be considered favorable. Oasis has a competitive advantage over other companies because it has a large base of loyal clients. This is due to its exemplary product and service provision. However, a lot of new companies may pose a threat to Oasis, since they offer the same products at relatively low prices. On the other hand, opportunities for growth are high for Oasis, as it already has a name in the market that will make it easier for the company to launch new brands (Clow & Baack, 2012).

Oasis Water Company has gone one step further than its competitors by segmenting its market according to different kinds of consumers. This is evident from the wide range of products that comprise a unique and well-packaged water apparatus. Oasis Water Company considers various factors, such as age, personality, lifestyle, income level, social class and values when packaging their water. In return, all societal members’ needs and wants are met (Ferrell, Hartline, 2004). For instance, customers with higher income will desire costly, large and sophisticated packages, as opposed to low-income earners.

The principal product produced by Oasis Water Company is healthy and sanitized water that is available in polycarbonate bottles that depict quality and complexity. The water is packaged in different size packs, and some of the bottles are specially designed to suit various customers’ psychological needs (Kotler & Armstrong, 1991). Other auxiliary products include spackling water and coolers. What makes the company stand out from its competitors is its free delivery service .The goal of Oasis Water Company is to offer quality and healthy water to as many people as possible. It strives to enrich people’s lifestyle and become the leading provider that operates at the multinational level.

A proper marketing research was very important for the purpose of identifying a suitable marketing opportunity (Aaker, Kumar & Day, 1998). Data collected from the research clearly showed that the best opportunity would be to bring a new product in the market. This is derived from customer’s views and from the rising threat from newly established companies offering the same products and service at cheaper prices.

Market Analysis.The proposed product consequent from the marketing research was the production of colored and flavored drinks. The concluding element of the market analysis was derived from the customers’ views (Rister & Jones, 1998). Most of the customers were unanimous in that they would like to purchase flavored drinks from companies that ensure high level of hygiene and have a brand they could trust. These would be a great opportunity for Oasis to extend its services by providing flavored drinks, since it already has a reputation of a leading and trusted hygienic water provider. Moreover, it would be the first company to initiate the combination of water and soft drink production, thus making it unique.

Product.The colored and flavored drink also known as juice will have to be different from what is already available in the market. The product will include many different flavors, such as pineapple, orange, strawberry, apple, plum and tropical fruits. It should also be instantly recognizable due to attractively colored bottles. The product’s market will be segmented according to demographic factors, as it will provide animal-shaped bottles for children and classy-shaped bottles for adults. It will also offer differently sized bottles and ready-to-drink packs that have already been diluted. Oasis Water Company should provide drinks that come with instructions on the ratio required for dilution. Unlike other companies, Oasis Water Company will package ready—to-drink juices in large bottles for customers who may want to purchase high volumes of diluted drinks.

Price.Given that the product would be new in the market, it would be wise for Oasis Water Company to adopt the market penetration strategy and consider other strategies later. This would mean that Oasis will have to familiarize itself with what competitors have to offer in order to make their prices slightly lower than its competitors. This will increase Oasis Water Company’s chances of attracting a large number of customers, thus boosting sales and customer base. Affordably priced small-sized packs will also be in demand with those customers who could not afford the product initially. It will also be vital for Oasis to ensure that prices are not excessively low as it may suggest that the product is of low quality (Hawkins, Mother Baugh, 2010).

Distribution.Having already established a wide distribution network, Oasis Water Company will face no problems with the distribution of its new product. One of the objectives of the company is to ensure that the product reaches a large number of people not only domestically but also internationally (Kotler & Armstrong, 1991). Oasis will ensure that the new product is distributed to various states, such as Syria, Afghanistan, Jordan, Iraq, Kuwait, Pakistan, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar and Oman. It will continue to offer delivery services to ensure that customer needs are fully satisfied. The company will also endeavor to distribute the products to other continents, such as Africa.

Promotion mix.To officially launch its new product, Oasis Water Company will have to come up with various strategies to communicate to the public. One of the most efficient methods will be to advertise the product through the media, such TV, since the public will be able to see the product physically and identify with the brand name (Grewal & Levy, 2010). Other advertising mediums will include radio stations, posters in supermarkets and shops and billboards on the roadsides.

Sponsoring rugby seven tournaments will also provide an opportunity for the company to advertise its new product to gain recognition. The company can also initiate sales promotion by giving small packs of flavored drinks to all customers who purchase their bottled water. By giving customers a chance to try out the product, Oasis will be able to boost product awareness (Hawkins, Mother Baugh, 2010). Alternatively, the company may give out an extra product after a customer purchases two or more of their products, thus attracting more customers and increasing sales.

Finally, they should consider promoting their products in seminars and other meetings. This is where Oasis Water Company should offer business people and companies holding meetings and seminars their products. In this case, the business community will be attracted by the products, thus leading to an increase in sales. On the other hand, they should consider promoting their products in schools and hospitals. This way Oasis Water Company will continue to promote their brand by increasing awareness of their name in the social environment. As a result, they are likely to increase their revenues.

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