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In order to create new markets for their policies, Red shield insurance company organizes a workshop for final year university students. The company hopes these students will buy policies with the company either through the companies they will be employed in or buy personal policies when they start earning an income.

On Wednesday 29th November, I attended a speech of this year’s workshop at Red Shield Insurance company conference room. The Red Shield Insurance company had organized an afternoon workshop for university final year students to sensitize them on the importance of insurance to business, as well as informing them various policies which the company offers. These students were drawn from various universities around LosAngeles. This audience looked serious and eager to listen and learn.

The conference room was unique designed to accommodate various events and especially the type of workshop being held. It had rear access to room, audio visual equipment, with permanent technician to help in set up. The conference room looked very appropriate for product launches, large performances and concerts as well as theatre performances.

When the event kicked off a middle aged lady came forward, this was the company public relation. After a brief introduction, she invited a smartly groomed man of about her age. He was the company marketing manager and the workshop main speaker. His name was Mr. Aggrey Lotman He took about two hours to deliver his speech.

Mr. Lotman created a good impression throughout the whole event. He was smartly dressed for the occasion. I remember my first sight of him before we entered the conference hall, at some distance I thought he was part of the audience since he looked very young. As we entered the conference, Mr. Lotman had let each of us shake his hand firmly with a great smile in his face. I even overheard one of the invited guests throw a joke to him. This really created a good impression that Mr, Lotman was a good and social man and by the time he was taking the floor to give the speech everybody was eager to listen to him talk.

Mr. Lotman was also able to articulate his speech with tone his voice. The tone was neither too soft, nor too loud. He spoke clearly varying his tone with the weight of the points he was communicating to the audience. Another idea incorporated in the speech by Lotman is involving of his audience. At various instances, he was asking open ended questions to the audience. This made most of us participate in his speech because he could also direct an open ended question to a specific person or a group. The speaker also listened to any question and comments keenly. He could even walk close to an audience to get clearly what the audience is saying.

Overall the speaker’s main topic on insurance and policies was very organized and illustrative. He used charts, tables, risk characteristics and cartoon pictures to drive his points to the audience. That was a wonderful presentation especially considering that it was an after lunch workshop and Mr. Lotman took two hours.

Like many other presentations, Mr. Lotman’s could not go without experienced some flaws and inadequacies. Foremost, the company can improve the presentation by giving breaks in between the presentations. Bausealthoughthepresentationwasnotboringnearlyahalfofthe

audienceseemedwornoutanoutofconcentration. In future, the presentations should be made in the morning hours because the audience will be able to concentrate longer. Secondly the speaker should get well conversant with the content of presentation than he was on that particular time. Sometime he would hang on a point until his colleague came to his rescue about some company facts he ought to know. Lastly the speaker should improve on his confidence. This will make the audience believe more in what he is saying.

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